The Power of Skincare #28daysofskin

To celebrate the 28 Day Skincare Challenge, we’ve decided to delve into the power of skincare and why it’s so important to keep up with your skincare regimen. You makeup will never look the way you want it if your skincare game is not up to par. Your skin makes up the biggest organ of your body, taking care of it is essential. Sure washing your face with a facial cleanser and whacking on some moisturiser sounds easier than a 7-step skin regimen. However adding an elixir or facial oil can really change the game.

The Power of Skincare

So what is the power of skincare? If you want to start building your skin foundation, now is the time to do it. Our skin goes through a lot in a day, 6-8 hours of it (sleep) is spent replenishing and rebuilding. However the other hours, the skin is inevitably faced with environmental pollution, sun, dirt and oils. A skincare regimen is a way to reward your skin.

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Different skin types

Everyone has a different skin type, therefore, sometimes, a cleanser and moisturiser isn’t enough to target your skin concerns. Your skin may require more or less care than your girlfriends. Not only are there different skin types, there are different skin concerns as well.  Customisable skincare that targets your concerns for your skin type is exactly what you need to start building your skincare regimen. You can have a look here for different skincare routines.

Beautiful skin takes time

Skincare is a process that can take up to two months to take effect. That’s why when you add a new skincare product to your routine, you may not see any difference straight away. Ingredients take time to get used to a new canvas and it will take time to absorb into the skin. You will need time and consistency when it comes to your skincare routine.

Remember that there will be times where a skincare product may not work for you, it is a big game of trial and error however, once you find the right routine, allow the skincare to work its magic.

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Prevention is key

When it comes to skincare, prevention is definitely key! You don’t want to wait till your skin has matured to start caring for it. You should start early, with gentle skincare products and slowly build the potency as your skin starts to adapt more and more. There are certain skincare preventative habits that you can start in your 20’s like:

  • keep your diet and exercise in check
  • treat yourself to a facial, regularly
  • start using a chemical or physical exfoliator
  • pat, don’t rub in your skincare products

Make sure you take part in our 28 Day Skincare Challenge! You can start whenever you like as this is an ongoing challenge for yourself! For more information, see here.

Veronica Nguyen

Veronica Nguyen


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