The Three Ls

There are three simple words that could very well be stopping you from getting into a real momentum — and you should always remember that simple works and complicated does not. Have you mastered these three simple but critical Ls?


To listen is by far the No. 1 skill learned by those of us who have reached high levels of success as UnFranchise® Owners. Are you truly listening to others with the intent to learn about them? Or are you just trying to sell them something regardless of what they’ve shared?

Your top goal should be to learn as much about them as possible. Who are they? Do they have a family? Do they work outside the home? What’s their occupation? What have they been raised to believe around being an employee or a business owner? Have they ever owned their own business? Do they believe in wellness and self-care? Do they love taking care of themselves, or do they focus more on helping others? What excites or motivates them? Do they have goals? What is their primary passion in life? What do they do with their free time? Pro tip: Conversation may lead to presenting the business! Skipping a conversation is all about trying to convince them without gathering the information you need to make the best recommendations.

Lovingly ask if you can share some things that you’ve learned, which you believe would benefit them. How they answered some of your questions will determine what you share with them. We’re in the business of providing solutions to everyone. The real question is: Are they looking for someone to only listen to them, or are they looking to improve their situation? Many people are in the habit of complaining about their lives, and misery loves company. They surround themselves with those who agree with all the doom and gloom. This way they feel justified in their beliefs.

A smaller percentage of people are looking to improve their situations. We love helping everyone, but they must be willing to help themselves. Right now more than ever, people — even successful people — have fallen into a terrible mindset of finding the negative in even positive situations. Don’t let them infect you with their pessimistic attitudes and beliefs! It’s all a choice and a made-up story based on opinions. Instead, surround yourself with positive, forward-thinking people who see the positive, even in challenging situations. This will ensure that success is right around the corner!

Focus on listening, learning and loving people. Believe in yourself and great things will come your way. We got this!

By Cullen Haskins, Director of GMTSS, Americas

Alex Tauras

Alex Tauras


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