Things You Need to Know about Turkey

Did you know that there are ways to prepare your turkey this Thanksgiving without the need to stuff, brine, baste or truss. It will only take about two and a half hours to roast a nine to 11 pounds of turkey, however, keep mind larger turkeys will take more than five hours, so plan your day accordingly.

The amount of turkey you should buy depends on how many guests you are expecting to join you for dinner. Everyone loves leftovers, so while it’s recommended to buy one pound of turkey per person we think a pound and a half will ensure a filled tummy on stressful Black Friday when all your energy needs to go into earning Cashback and IBV with our awesome deals.

Thawing your turkey will require a full day to defrost four pounds bird. You can thaw your turkey in the fridge, however, make sure that you place the frozen turkey in a platter or bowl because it will drip. TIP: NEVER defrost the turkey at room temperature because it can produce toxins, and the skin can go rancid.

While you can skip the cooking and buy a whole Thanksgiving Dinner with our partner store Omaha Steaks there is nothing more exciting than sharing preparation with your framily, eating the savory dinner after a whole day of cooking is so rewarding.

Have tips and tricks for a perfect Thanksgiving dinner? Tell us how you prepare your turkey every year.




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