Throwback Thursday: Jamie Foxx Celebrates 25 Years Of Market America

As MAWC2018 approaches, our team is looking back at some of our favorite moments from previous events. For our second moment, get ready to be energized!

At MAIC2017, the UnFranchise Community gathered to celebrate 25 years of entrepreneurial success. UFOs expected to hear from some of their favorite presenters like JR and Loren Ridinger. However, what they did not expect was an impromptu celebration and performance from one of the greatest entertainers on the planet, Jamie Foxx.

Describe Jamie’s Performance In One Word: Legendary.

Jamie’s talent and charisma were on full display during his performance. It’s hard to remember a time when the coliseum was as loud as it was during Jamie’s performance.The corporate team joined Jamie onstage for the fun. Everyone in the crowd was standing, dancing, and happily singing along as we took a moment to recognize our company’s success. It was a legendary moment in Market America!

Performances like Jamie’s are why our major events like International Convention and World Conference are something that every UFO needs to experience. Something special always happens when the UnFranchise Community comes together and the upcoming MAWC2018 will be no different!

We hope to see you in Miami soon! To purchase tickets, click here.




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