Throwback Thursday: Magic Moments From MAIC2020

What are magic moments? Magic moments are realizations that spark the “billionth of a volt” in your mind that can lead to a change in your life. Think of these as “a-ha” moments because the metaphorical lightbulb in your brain finally turned on.

Magic moments tend to always happen at our major events like World Conference and International Convention. Before making new memories at MAWC2021, let’s revisit our last major event, MAIC2020, and highlight a few of the magic moments that occurred during the first online convention.

The UnFranchise Marketing App Introduction

Entrepreneurs can build and track their business all from their phone thanks to the UnFranchise Marketing App. In simplest terms, this app is a game-changer for the business. It’s  user-friendly tool that allows UnFranchise Owners to run, monitor, and track their business.

Zoom Your Way To Success

When determining an MVP of 2020, look no further than Zoom. With so many UnFranchise Owners incapable of meeting in person, Zoom made it possible to run an UnFranchise from the comfort of your home. Thanks to phone and video calls, Zoom allowed UFOs to communicate with their teammates all over the world. The future is Zoom!

Demarjay Smith – I Am Determined

Is Demarjay Smith the most inspirational kid ever? Seriously, this kid could motivate a tree to walk! We were so grateful for Demarjay’s passion and wisdom that he shared at MAIC2021. We could watch this speech every single day and never tire from it!

More magic moments are guaranteed to happen during MAWC2021. Don’t miss out. Purchase your tickets today!

2021 Market America World Conference

Date: March 26-28, 2021

Where: Online

Tickets: Purchase Tickets On

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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