Throwback Thursday: Shopping Annuity Trivia At The Booth

The countdown to MAWC2019 continues! For last week’s Throwback Thursday, we spotlighted JR Ridinger’s speech about BV, IBV, and Cashback. This week, our focus is on Shopping Annuity® Trivia! 

At MAIC2018, the Shopping Annuity team introduced a trivia game during the lunchtime sessions at their booth. Modeled after the highly popular game, HQ, Shopping Annuity Trivia challenges your knowledge on the UnFranchise® Business as well as your ability to think on your feet. The trivia questions were based around Market America related topics – the UnFranchise Business, Shopping Annuity, MA products, Partner Stores, corporate team, etc. Contestants had a few seconds to answer each question by raising their answer with letter pads. Winners moved on to the next round until one winner remained standing.

The contest was a huge hit and attracted a few dozen UFOs to our booth during lunch. As of now, Shopping Annuity Trivia will be back at MAWC2019 so look out for more details. For now, enjoy the replays of each trivia session!




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