Throwback Thursday: The Shopping Annuity Landing Presentation

It’s always a “must-see” moment when our Chairman JR Ridinger presents on stage. Unpredictable, marvelous, and powerful are a few words that come to mind when describing JR’s presentation. Our team works for JR and we never know what’s going to happen, which is great for us because we love surprises!

From walking across a tightrope to running on a hamster wheel, JR is willing to risk it all in order to get his point across. However, after MAIC2018, there might be a new leader in the clubhouse for best JR presentation. We’re talking about the space capsule and the Shopping Annuity® landing on Earth.

At MAIC2018, JR and his grandson, Ayden, were space travelers who finally landed on Earth in the Shopping Annuity spacecraft. The visual demonstration represents how the Shopping Annuity is no longer an idea, but a reality. Converting spending into earning happens all over the world now thanks to our abundance of global markets in North America, Europe, and Asia. UnFranchise® Owners are creating their own economy because they have the power to spend, earn, and save as they please!

Now that the Shopping Annuity is on Earth, are you ready to take back the economy and put money back into your pocket? The choice is yours!




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