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Tips for MAWC at Home

While we all would love an in-person event, we promise to make the 2021 World Conference the best online event ever! We want all of our UFOs to get the most out their time during this event, so we’ve compiled some tips to get the most out of MAWC!

It’s MAWC week! We’re excited, you’re excited, but are you ready? To get the most out of this experience, it’s going to take more than simply watching the show. We’re sure you learned what works for you at our last International Convention, but why not share some tips?


Tips for MAWC at Home

  • Utilize Swapcard: The new interactive technology behind MAWC. Taking full advantage of all that Swapcard has to offer is by far the biggest tip that we can give you. For a refresher on this platform and all that it offers, click here.
  • Visit Virtual Booths: Your customers are going to be just as excited as you are about our new products. Take the time to visit our virtual booths and chat live with our booth managers! You’ll find these under “exhibitors” in Swapcard.
  • Schedule meetings: If you have specific questions, you have the ability to schedule one on one time with our experts! Be sure to schedule early to ensure your spot.
  • Stay focused: MAWC will be as exciting as always, but it can be easy to get distracted. Stock up on your favorite energy and focus products to ensure you are on your A-game all weekend long!
  • Interact & Network: Discuss with your team what you’re learning on stage and  network with other UFOs. You can easily do this in the “Attendees” tab once you’re in Swapcard.
  • Electronic notes: Use your laptop to take notes instead of a notepad like you would at an in-person event. You will save tons of time!
  • Take advantage of playbacks: Ticket holders will be able to play back the event for up to 14 days. We encourage you to make note of impactful moments and listen to the information over so you don’t miss anything.

If you attended the 2020 International Convention, what tips would you share to help fellow UFOs get the most out of MAWC? Share with us in the comments below!

2021 Market America World Conference

Date: March 26-28, 2021

Where: Online

Tickets: Purchase Tickets On

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April Laughlin

April Laughlin