Tips for Winter Car Care

Winter is here and it’s important to practice safe and effective car care. With these tips and effective car care items, you and your customers can stay ahead of the dangerous winter weather.

Winter Car Care Tips:

According to, these are 5 tips for keeping your car in peak condition during frigid weather:

In addition to these tips, be sure to share these Market America products with your customers to keep their vehicles in top shape this season.

Market America Car Care Products

Autoworks Fuel Enhancer: Regular use of Autoworks Fuel Enhancer provides better gas mileage, lowers emissions and helps improve overall engine life.

autoworks fuel enhancer

Autoworks High Performance Auto Care Tire & Wheel Cleaner: The wheels of your car can dramatically enhance the appearance and performance of your automobile. Keep your car looking its best with Autoworks High Performance Auto Care Tire & Wheel Cleaner, a gentle formula that breaks down dirt, grime and debris without damaging the protective finish of your tires!


Friction Free 3000™ Engine Treatment: Friction Free 3000 Engine Treatment has been shown to provide superior engine lubrication, improve engine power, increase fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce engine surface wear.


To view all of our Autoworks products, go here. Choose your favorite products to share with your customers to keep their vehicles safe this winter.

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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