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Tips for Your Best Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Between deciding on a crowd-pleasing menu and staying within your budget, there are lots of little things to consider for a Thanksgiving dinner party — especially if you want to make it a memorable event. But what if putting together the ideal holiday dinner party came down to just a few key details? Try these ideas to take your dinner party to the next level.

dinner party

Aim for Chic, Not Cheesy

Your initial instinct might be to pile on the fall-patterned plates and serving-ware, but we’ve got a better idea.  Opt for a mix of festive and neutral serving sets to keep the decor chic rather than over-the-top! Find a few key autumn-themed pieces, then fill in the rest with matte and muted tones for an elevated touch to your dinner party.


            Picnic at Ascot Rectangle Slate Tray


     Gibson Elite Rhinebeck Dinnerware Bowl

wellmune for summer

Keep the Fire Burning

We’re not talking about the fireplace here (although that’s a great idea if you have one!). We mean candles!

While leafy garlands and fall-colored flowers come to mind for a table centerpiece, it can come across as cluttered and kitschy. Instead, strip away some of the leafy decoration and replace them with decorative candles!

            Weathered Red Candle Lanterns 12”

             Sunflower Lotus Pod Centerpiece

wellmune for summer

Set the Mood

What’s a party without a little music? Set the tone for your dinner party with your favorite artists from TIDAL and a wireless Bluetooth speaker. There are plenty of sleek, affordable speakers with clear and crisp sound to create the perfect backdrop to a great night with friends.

iSound Twist Bluetooth Speaker
                 SoundDisk Bluetooth Speaker
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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn