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Tips to Boost your At Home Workout

As we are staying home more these days, it’s important to stay active and healthy. Plus, who else wants to avoid the “quarantine 15?” Here’s to a strong at home workout game!

If you are in the large group of us that is hunkering down at home, it may be hard to keep up your typical workout routine. Many gyms are not accessible to us so we need to get creative and stay on top of our health. Most importantly, maintaining a workout routine can help ease some of the stress and anxiety associated with the quarantine.


Workout Videos

Open up YouTube on your smart TV, laptop or phone and search for workout videos that you can do at home. To make your workouts more effective, having a few items on hand can make a big difference. Get a good set of weights, stretch bands and an exercise mat and you are good to go.




Power Nutrients

The muscles you use during exercise rely on the nutrients you provide through diet + supplementation. Whether you choose cardio, resistance training or flexibility work, what you put in your body before and after your workout session impacts your body’s ability to perform + recover. Be sure you are getting the right nutrients to stay healthy and power your workouts.



Plan a Routine & Stick to it

Just like we need to strive to stay productive with our work, sticking to a set workout plan will help ensure success. I cannot preach enough how much I love planners, making lists and checking things off.




Clear out enough space in your living room, keep your schedule and don’t overdo it. Have a good mix of workouts to keep yourself entertained!


What are your secrets for at home workouts?


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April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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