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What in incredible start to the New Year with #28DAYSOFWEIGHTLOSS hosted by Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS). Week two of four is in full swing and things are just heating up. Whether you have been following along since Day 1 or are just joining the challenge, we’re glad you’re here. From daily Facebook lives to delicious TLS-approved recipes, we hope you’re getting the most out of your 28 days and creating better routines and reaching your health goals.

Wednesday Weigh In & Measurements of Success Zoom Series

  • Every Wednesday at 9pm EST, join the TLS team along with Dr. Deedra Mason, Loren Ridinger and 28 Days of Weight Loss participants to talk about their success of the week. Be sure to register for these zoom series or join on the TLS Facebook page.

Daily Facebook Lives

  • Head to the TLS Facebook page at 11am EST on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday for 30-minute sessions with Sosan Hua, Melanie Nelson and Dennis Franks where they’ll be discussing an array of topics from fitness to mindfulness.

Health and Weight Loss Goals

  • To help you achieve your goals for 2021, TLS has 3 possible avenues: Stress Eater, Carb Craver and Fat Lover. Each goal has specific recommended products to help work towards that goal. Learn more about these goals here. Different health goals? 28 Days of Weight Loss is about committing to making changes to better yourself, whether that’s making healthier meals, working out everyday or losing a few inches.

Beyond 28-Days

  • Once we wrap up #28DAYSOFWEIGHTLOSS at this end of this month, we encourage you to continue those new found habits that make you feel better. Keep sharing your healthy recipes, products you love and your progress with the TLS community right on their social media accounts, @tlsweightloss.
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Christine Howard

Christine Howard