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You may have seen last week’s article on how Executive Vice President, Dennis Franks, follows his TLS Lifestyle stay healthy + active as he manages his on-the-go schedule.  This week, he’s made a little extra time between his trips to sit and tell us a bit about his journey, his passion for health, his love for TLS Weight Loss!

Dennis, why are you so passionate about the Transitions Lifestyle System (TLS)?

Growing up, I was always husky, and big boned. I wasn’t tall, but I was big around the middle. I was a bit self-conscious about that, but not enough to make me stop eating. I always loved a snack. My mom assured me that one day I would get taller and grow out of being husky, but that never really happened.

As I grew, I had a more athletic build but was still large. I started playing football. I played through High School, College and the National Football League (NFL). I finished my career with the Detroit Lions tipping the scale at 295 pounds.

At 6’2”, weighing almost 300 pounds wasn’t going to cut it, especially since I no longer played football.  Around this time, I learned that the average lifespan of an NFL offensive lineman [my position] was 54. I was going on 30. Things had to change. My health became a priority.

I tried many weight loss programs. I would lose some weight and then I would gain it back. Eventually, I found something that worked. I lost 65 pounds drinking world class meal-replacement shakes. My eating plan included complex carbohydrates, clean proteins, and good fats. I eliminated many of the foods that Philadelphians thrive on – “The Cheese Steak”, “The Italian Hoagie”, soft pretzels, cannoli, pasta and that barley and hops drink [a.k.a. beer]. Today, I enjoy those things in moderation, but they are not the centerpiece of my eating plan.

As I lost weight, people noticed. They would ask me how I did it. It dawned on me, that weight loss was a great business. I began helping other people reach their weight loss goals. Bottomline, this business kept me healthy and made me wealthy.

I took it very seriously. I went back to school to study biochemistry, so I could better understand the dynamics behind successful weight loss. I was [and still am] passionate about weight management and its effect on health and chronic disease.

In 1993, I became a distributor with Market America, Inc. The company sold an amazing product called ThermoChrome 5000. It was our first mega product. Eventually shakes and bars were added. In 1997, a weight loss division was launched, known as The Transitions Lifestyle System. [We eventually changed the name to The TLS Weight Loss Solution.]

Over the years, I have enjoyed hundreds of client success stories. I never tire of hearing them. This fuels my passion.

You still maintain your weight some 30 years after losing it. It’s quite an accomplishment. What do you attribute it to?

The answer is the TLS Lifestyle. It is a combination of eating low glycemic impact food combinations (Protein and fiber with each meal makes losing weight no big deal!) and maintaining lean muscle mass (Muscle dictates metabolism!).

To stay fit I do something physical each day. This means either a challenging work out at the gym or some active play – hiking, golf whatever.  My supplement regimen includes a toddy of Anti-aging Isotonix Essentials, Calcium plus and Resveratrol. I also take several TLS supplements including TLS CORE, ACTS, CLA and Trim Tea. I add other supplements as needed for joint health, stress reduction and cognitive function.


Dennis, you are coming off a 15 day straight run of promoting your first book called the Last Laugh…Vision to Victory with teammate Vince Papale and experiencing an amazing super bowl victory with your former team, The Philadelphia Eagles.

Oh yes. The book promotion tour was launched with a trip to Philadelphia on Friday, Feb 2nd. That evening, at a benefit, we did our first book signing. That was followed by 3 more book signings on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. We had 3 interviews in Philadelphia on Monday, before flying to Minnesota Monday evening. We did a combination of 24 radio and television interviews on Tuesday and Wednesday. We then flew to Miami for the Market America World Conference. Thursday, Vince and I did a presentation about The Last Laugh. Friday, I did a presentation on the TLS Weight Loss Solution. In between, we had 5 two-hour book signings. We flew back to Minnesota early Saturday morning to attend 2 Super Bowl Parties. Of course, on Sunday, we enjoyed the spectacular win of our team, the Philadelphia Eagles. I flew back to Greensboro on Monday. I worked Tuesday and Wednesday and that evening flew back to Philadelphia for the Super Bowl Parade and more party appearances. We topped the week off with a birthday celebration for my best friend, Vince Papale.

Make no bones about it, if I was not in good shape, I could not have sustained the energy I needed for the book tour and still be standing to talk about it. The best news: the national book release will be coming March 5th and I will be on the road again! I’m ready.


Can you share your daily routine?

Sure! It begins at 7 am with my Isotonix cocktail. At 7:45 am I am on my way to the gym. I return by 9 am and have some more supplements and breakfast. I eat two eggs, tomatoes, ½ an avocado, and a breakfast meat (Canadian bacon, sausage or bacon). I shower and have my next combination of supplements. I arrive at work by 11 am and work until 6 or 7 pm. (Note, Nancy, my incredible wife, always makes me a healthy lunch to bring to work when I am in Greensboro.) Depending on the day, after work, I either go home for dinner or go out to conduct an HBP, product preview, one on one, two on one or whatever it takes to support my team of a fellow UFOs. I travel on some weekends to do trainings or visit one of our personal properties. Let’s just say, I have a lot of air miles as well as auto miles. I try to get to bed by 11 pm.


How do you maintain your schedule on the road?

On the road is more of a challenge. I never miss my Isotonix Cocktail. I exercise at the hotel gym or in my room with elastic bands and calisthenics. I take my TLS supplements before breakfast. Breakfast is either a TLS shake or a healthy option on site. Then I am off. When I travel, I go non-stop. I do my best to maintain healthy eating habits throughout the day. It takes an effort to select the best foods on the road, but it is doable. I always look forward to coming home and getting back on schedule.


Dennis, what is your favorite part of being a TLS Coach?

From the first conversation I have with a client to the final weigh-in, I love being a TLS coach. During my opening conversation, I establish the clients ‘Why?’. I encourage them to share their journey. I want to know how they got to this point and what was that defining moment when they realized they needed to take action and improve their health.

One of the highlights for me is at the end of their first week. The client is pumped because they are beginning to see results. Their belief in the TLS system is stoked. Another highlight is the 4-week point when they take their measurements and see inches lost. It’s fabulous. It is so gratifying to hear them share their favorite new food discoveries and how the supplements are making a huge difference. Our system is science-based and effective. I have seen many lives changed. As lbs. and inches are lost, energy, mental focus, and positive attitude are gained. Nothing makes me happier!


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