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The TLS® Health Guide & Journal Is What You’re Missing

As a TLS® Coach, you’ve got customers coming to you with an impressive range of obstacles and habits to overcome. You’re helping with everything from newbies with so much to learn, to overcoming frustrating plateaus, to tackling cravings, to blocking temptation at every turn. Overwhelmed yet? If so, the TLS® Health Guide & Journal may be what you’re missing.

We know weight loss can be a long & challenging journey, and nobody should make that journey alone! You can’t be with your client every moment of every day, so how do you make sure they’re getting the education and support they need to stay on track? How do you ensure you’re getting the information you need to support them?

What makes the TLS® Health Guide & Journal such a powerful tool is that it helps both you and your client tackle those crucial issues, plus so much more!

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Provide A Full TLS® Education

One of our four pillars is education, so it’s absolutely essential that clients are receiving the education they need to support their lifestyle and weight loss! Thankfully, your TLS® Health Guide & Journal outlines every one of the 12 chapters they need to understand why they’re making specific choices and how they’re helping to fuel their bodies for success.

It is specially designed to guide you through the 12-week program with different chapters for each week. Each chapter has a unique focus from Low-Glycemic Impact Eating to nutrition, all the way to assessing results and creating a lifestyle! These pages of valuable visuals and information are a resource that simply can’t be passed up.

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Journaling for Support & Insights

After each chapter, space for journaling about food, sleep, exercise and progress is provided. Why? Because it helps reveal unhealthy habits & the triggers behind them!

Often, we know something needs to change – but how often do we know exactly what that is? Let’s say you have a client that’s been losing weight on Fat Shredder for weeks but, all of the sudden, they’re coming to you with complaints that their weight loss has completely stalled. They swear they’re sticking to their meal plan and taking their supplements, so you ask them for their Health Guide & Journal.

There, they’ve filled out everything: the hours they slept, every bite they took, their water intake, supplements, and daily obstacles. As it turns out, they’ve not been sleeping nearly enough or taking their supplements consistently, and their stress levels seem very high! Thanks to their journaling, you now have the insights you need to help them correct their choices and continue along their journey. Pretty great, right?

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Goal Setting

Goals are important for any change, but especially for weight loss! When creating new habits and a new lifestyle, there are so many components that it can be easy for clients to feel lost in the midst of it all.

This is another area where the TLS® Health Guide & Journal is key! Each day, your client gets a space where they can reflect on goals from the day and set new goals for tomorrow. Goal setting, especially on a regular basis, helps break large goals down into smaller milestones. It’s an easy, effective way to keep expectations realistic, motivation flowing, and let them know when they’ve reached their finish line!

wellmune for summer

What’s your favorite part about the TLS® Health Guide & Journal?

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn


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