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We know it can be hard to decide which plans, supplements, and strategies are best for helping you reach your goals. Weight loss isn’t easy, but that’s why TLS® Weight Loss is here to help! If you’ve been on the fence, want to learn more about the program, or want to share the lifestyle you fell in love with, we invite you to join us LIVE on the official TLS® Weight Loss Facebook page!

wellmune for summer

To complement your efforts to Spring Into Summer with TLS®, Director of Training & Sales Sue Pasqual will be hosting a series of Live webinars on the official TLS® Facebook page. Each Live event will cover a different aspect of TLS® and help you learn why it’s the last lifestyle you’ll ever need!

wellmune for summer

In our first Live on May 2, Sue talked to us about the differences between fad diets and lifestyles to help you understand why diets don’t work. After following up with valuable information on the foundations of TLS®, she ended with a few ways to get started & even had a FREE prize at the end!

With each week covering a different key topic in weight loss, these events are perfect for informing yourself or informing others that may be on the fence about starting out on this lifestyle journey. Just grab your friends, mark your calendars, and pop over to the Facebook page to join the fun! We’ll be giving away a little surprise at the end of each Live, so make sure you stay until the end (and make sure you pay attention!).

We are so excited for you, your friends, and your customers to join us and learn all about the best weight loss program on the market! We would love to hear any questions we can answer for you, so feel free to drop them in the comments.

Mark your calendars now for the dates & times below, then just head over to our Official TLS® Weight Loss Facebook page to join!

May 16 @ 12 PM EST
May 30 @ 12 PM EST
June 13 @ 11 AM EST
June 20 @ 12 PM EST

wellmune for summer

What questions can we answer for you during our TLS® Facebook Lives?

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Tayler Glenn

Tayler Glenn

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