TLS® Weight Loss Success Story: Sarah Rudisill

Though TLS® Weight Loss Solution offers a plan that anyone can follow, we know that no two weight loss journeys are alike. That is why we love to receive firsthand accounts from people who overcame weight loss obstacles and achieved success with TLS! Read on for a powerful testimonial from Sarah Rudisill – and discover how she was able to dramatically reduce her BMI and drop 60 pounds with TLS!

I spent 12 years struggling to lose weight after having my son. A cycle of trying the best I could on my own, to completely giving up because I really didn’t know what I was doing. At the height of my weight I was 260+ pounds – even after the baby weight had gone (I am 5’10.5″).

I am gluten intolerant and it was always hard to find a “diet plan” that supports a gluten-free way of eating.  Since I was 12-years-old, the arthritis in my knees and kept me from exercising on my own properly. I was also taking ibuprofen daily, amitriptyline for chronic daily headaches and Maxalt once or twice a month for migraines. I was borderline diabetic. I felt very hopeless and out of control.

And then I found Kam Parker and April Dennis at The Fire Personal Training Studio – well, they found me. Kam walked over to me after a business networking event and boldly told me she could help me. At that moment I was so in need of help that I simply said, “Okay.”

Kam and April have been working with me since February 2012. Using the TLS Weight Loss Solution program – and Kam and April’s expertise in physical training – they have guided me from 240 pounds to 180 pounds.

Sarah with her husband, prior to discovering TLS® Weight Loss Solution.

Additionally, the TLS Rapid Results menu has completely changed the way I eat. The plan is so easy to follow and maintain! Kam and April have guided me through the plan and helped me discover that my body does not like dairy or grains. Rapid Results keeps my inflammation down and my energy up. I am eating more food that I ever imagined I should eat.

I have used TLS® Tonalin® CLA, TLS® CORE Fat & Carb Inhibitor and Isotonix® OPC-3® to help lose the weight. I can confirm the Tonalin CLA works because there was a time where I didn’t order it for a few weeks, thinking that maybe I could do without it (I didn’t gain but I didn’t lose during the interim). However, as soon as I started taking it again my BMI went down. The other thing I love about the CLA is that it acts as a mood booster; I am much more positive and happy when I take it.

The Isotonix OPC-3 helped me get off all of the medications I was taking almost completely. I went from having pain walking up a few steps to run/walking a 5K race. I am able to take stairs like I haven’t been able to do since I was 12-years-old.

TLS CORE has helped me when I felt I was hitting a plateau in my weight loss efforts. It has helped reduce my cravings for the grains and pushed my body to reduce my BMI further.

Kam and April have taught me to work out and eat in a way that is easy to maintain. I eat more food than I ever thought I would be able to. I am more fit than I have ever been. After 2 ½ years with Kam and April I have lost 60 pounds and reached the goal they set for me – a goal I never thought I could reach.

I am no longer borderline diabetic and almost completely pain-free. They believed in me and knew I could do it. Not only did I lose weight, but I have also kept it off and continue to reduce my BMI. I am in the best shape of my life!

Thank you, Kam and April – and thank you, TLS!

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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