Top 5 Moments of MAIC 2020!

One word: WOW! The 2020 Market America International Convention was historic, monumental, and nothing short of extraordinary! We’re still wrapping our brains around the incredible announcements that were made over the weekend. There was so much to take in! According to our social media, you all LOVED the event and all of the announcements so much that we decided to name the top 5 moments of MAIC 2020 based on what you guys talked about most.

UnFranchise Marketing App Announcement:

From the feedback we’ve seen so far, it looks like the favorite announcement of the weekend was the introduction of the new UnFranchise Marketing App! Do you have any idea how MAJOR this is for your business? Complete game changer!! Sign up for this incredible app HERE.

Zoom Your Way to Success:



Intentional Field Chairman Elizabeth Weber-Walliser electrified the virtual crowd once she hit the stage. Elizabeth said, “We are building faster than we’ve ever built in 28 years. You need to Zoom into action. If not, you are missing the boat.” Elizabeth urged the crowd to help people get paid and change their lives. You don’t have to travel anymore to build a business. You can hop on a Zoom within seconds. It’s faster, more convenient, and knows no distance. You can have Zoom sessions with people in other timezones, all over the country, and even all over the world! Zoom isn’t just here for now during the pandemic, it’s here to stay!

Use the evaluation approach, the no-decision close, and the trial run. Elizabeth explained how this is not difficult. All you need to do is ask people to evaluate the business. Follow these tips: Qualify people, lead people to other people, and ask for the most influential people they know. From there, work in teams because two heads are better than one!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s to listen to the top earner in the company! Start incorporating Zoom calls into your evaluation approach. If you haven’t done so yet, sign up for Zoom HERE to get in on the action!

Demarjay Smith:

During Marc Ashley’s Day 2 presentation, Marc spotlighted Demarjay Smith, a 13-year-old boy who is one of the most motivated kids you will ever meet. At World Conference, Marc shared an inspiring video of a young boy explained that if you want something out of life, you have to work hard for it. “Either you have to be the shark of the ocean or the fish of the ocean.” This video stuck Marc so much that he brought Demarjay on live virtually.  Demarjay is a friend of UnFranchise Owner, Linda Martinez, and Team Fat Joe! We hope to welcome this brilliant young man into the UnFranchise Family someday. Take a look at this incredible message he had for UnFranchise Owners:

Loren Ridinger: 

Loren always leaves us feeling inspired and ready to start fresh, but there was something extra magical about this presentation. Her words really resonated with everything going on in the world right now, we really need to be mindful of who and what we give our time to. We’ll recap Loren’s presentation tomorrow in our MAIC recap, but we couldn’t do our top 5 without adding her!

JR Ridinger: 









Do we really need to say more? Over the last two days of the event, JR Ridinger delivered the brain spanking of the century! JR provided each of us with the 3 keys to becoming a hopeless success. We’ll go more in-depth tomorrow on his presentation in our full MAIC recap, so be sure to check back!


What made your top 5 of MAIC? Let us know in the comments. 

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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