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Trial Size Marketing: What Is It And How To Apply It To Your UnFranchise

UnFranchise Owners are always looking for new and successful retailing strategies to incorporate in their entrepreneurial journeys. One effective retailing strategy is what we call trial size marketing.

Trial size marketing is a retail approach implemented by UnFranchise Owners as a way to introduce Market America products to prospects and potential customers. In trial size marketing, UFOs send “trial size” products to these interested entrepreneurs for them to try on their own. The trial sizes typically last for three days.

Think of trial size marketing like test driving a new car at the dealership. Before buying a new car, most people want to get behind the wheel and take the car for a spin to experience the car firsthand. The same can be said for Markt America products. Allowing new customers and clients to try the products serves as an introduction to the business, which could potentially foster a business relationship.

There are multiple ways to practice trial size marketing. One method involves your social media accounts. Post a picture or video about a trial size product like the Isotonix Daily Essentials Trial Size Sample Packets and share the benefits and advantages of the product. Offer to send these packets to anyone who might be interested in trying the products. See if this post sparks a conversation because there’s a good chance it might!

In addition to social media, the UnFranchise Marketing App can facilitate trial size marketing. UFOs can send trial size marketing sample packets to interested parties directly from the app. The packets include sample products, a personalized letter, and an informational mailer full of explanations, diagrams, and imagery. App users can also send single samples to consumers.

Trial size marketing is an experiment. Try out different ways and see which ones work the best for your business!

Do you practice trial size marketing? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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