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Trim Tea Testimonial: Carol Putt’s Inspiring Message

TLS Trim Tea continues to change lives each and every day.

We can’t even put into words how inspiring it is to see the public’s reaction to Trim Tea. Whether it be an inspiring passage about weight-loss or a dedicated story about building a healthier lifestyle, the testimonials have been nothing short of spectacular. In fact, many Trim Tea success stories were celebrated at MAWC2018 on stage with Dennis Franks and Sue Pasqual!

Even after the event, testimonials are still rolling in because UnFranchise Owners can’t hide their love for Trim Tea! One UFO in particular that shared her story with us was Carol Putt. Just last year, Carol was considered obese and was struggling with her health. Once she used Trim Tea on a regular basis, the results were mind blowing, as Carol dropped from a size 12 to a 4! Read her inspiring story below.

Carol Putt

Last April, when I had my Medicare Wellness exam, I weighed 140 lbs and I’m only 4’10 & 3/4″ tall, which put me in the obese category. I have been eating a low glycemic index diet for years since Dr. Shari Lieberman taught me to do so. When she learned that I bought my first bikini at age 60, she asked me to put it on while I was on the Utopia II & pose for my after picture in JR & Loren’s pool.

At 65 yrs, my belly fat caused me to go back up to a size 12 where I was in April, 2017. When MA announced Trim Tea, I missed out on the first order, but thanks to Roy’s quick text, got 3 boxes of it & began drinking it daily after my Isotonix custom cocktail in the morning. All of a sudden, I began dropping sizes from a 12 to a 4! The nurse at my doctor’s office remarked that I was down 16 lbs from April to January.

While I was getting ready for Carl Eklund’s Local Seminar on January 13, I tried on a skirt that I hadn’t worn since my daughter was born 45 yrs ago. It fit! Then, when I was packing for Miami & World Conference, I tried on a size 4 pair of shorts and they fit! No, I have not changed my diet nor my exercise. It’s the addition of the Trim Tea to my routine. Thank you for hearing my story. Feel free to share it!


Carol Putt

If you or someone you know have a Trim Tea success story, please send it to the Shopping Annuity Team on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram OR you can tag these accounts on your own social media post. We look forward to reading about your positive experiences with Trim Tea!


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