Turning Beauty, Inside Out: Health & Nutrition and LDV Pairings

Beauty comes from within, and so does wellness. Turn Beauty Inside Out Day is our favorite reminder of not only how important it is to take care of your wellness and skin health from within but also how our health and nutrition products and Lumiere de Vie products pair so well together.

Our Picks for the Inside, Out

Isotonix Astaxanthin | LDV Renewal Gelee: Get your Astaxanthin both internally and externally.

Pure Collagen + | LDV Retinol Creme: Support skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration.

Isotonix Vitamin C | LDV Brightening C-Serum: Strong antioxidant protection.

Isotonix OPC-3 Beauty Blend | LDV Hydrate x 3: Achieve superior hydration for a healthy, calm complexion.

Ultimate Aloe with Astaxanthin | LDV Renewal Hand & Body Creme: Hydration for healthy skin.


Let us know which of these pairings you’re trying out and be sure to tag us on social media with your favorite products, #MAHealthyLiving. Facebook | Instagram


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Christine Howard

Christine Howard


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