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The Uberization Of The Shopping Annuity

If you attended MAIC2017, you might have heard JR Ridinger, Chris Peddycord, or any other Shopping Annuity expert talk about the “Uberization of the Shopping Annuity.” What does that mean?

The Shopping Annuity is a lot like Uber. Uber had this meteoric rise to the top as it seemed to explode in such a short period of time. Uber drivers are entrepreneurs. They work when they want to work and Uber matches driver to rider with the push of a button. In turn, the Shopping Annuity is used by entrepreneurs to convert spending into earning. UFOs build their business when they want and how they want to do it is up to them. The Shopping Annuity matches product to the consumer through the Shopping Annuity Assessment.

JR brought up the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity in his closing speech. JR wants to make it so easy and addictive that people will be coming to you to talk about the Shopping Annuity. “Don’t miss the greatest opportunity ever.” The Shopping Annuity is changing the cost of living just like Uber is changing the way you get a ride. With IBV and BV,  the Shopping Annuity has the power to cut the market prices in half and put money back into YOUR pocket.

Make sure to share this post and video as well as comment below to let us know how you are using the Shopping Annuity!

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