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UFO Spotlight: Evaluation Technique with Beth & Pip Black

Do you ever feel like their is a missing link in your UnFranchise® Business? Does it seem as if something is not right? For some UnFranchise Owners, this tends to happen and it’s not until that billionth of a volt where a magic moment occurs and they have an “a-ha” moment.

Magic moments can happen at any time. However, for many UFOs, they tend to happen when learning about the business or plan from top experts in the field through the GMTSS. For Beth and Pip Black, that’s exactly what happened for their magic moment.

In this UFO Spotlight, Beth and Pip Black share how the Southeast Regional Convention and a learning session on Utopia IV sparked the missing link in their business, which involved the evaluation technique. The evaluation approach is the “feeling out” stage where UFOs decide who to recruit for the business. As JR says, it’s all about imprinting and finding the right “geese” who will help grow your business. Beth and Pip shared their story below.

Special Message from Beth & Pip Black

Hello All, 

It’s been 5 weeks since SERC and 3 1/2 since Utopia and it is very clear to us that we found the missing link in our business which is VERY exciting! I don’t know how many times we watched and listened to the evaluation approach but never really understood how to implement it. After WC and the release of your JR’s Close and then seeing it again at SERC, we have been putting it into play ourselves with our newest partners and working with those partners who have been willing to work and it is definitely paying off. We have more quality activity going on in our business than we feel we’ve experienced in a very long time, possibly ever.

This past week we went to the west coast of Florida to meet with a man who is a business broker (boyfriend of an old neighbor from years ago) who we’ve been dancing with for a few weeks by phone and screen share. A great meeting turned into him attending a HBP we were doing in the Sarasota area on Monday night and purchasing a ticket to the local on June 22nd in Clearwater and a Daily Essentials Kit. He is working on gathering some people for a wellness 101 and business evaluations. His sister in Chicago was a previous owner of a network marketing company and has given her thumbs up to her brother. Hope to chat with her sometime soon.

Our HBP Monday night was for a long-term customer (16 years) who recently had a change of life and is has been looking at the business for a few weeks. She had 20 guests at her HBP (she is not a UFO yet), we booked 3 follow-ups immediately that night to attend the UBP on Tuesday night and all 3 booked follow-ups with us for the next step which we are working on now. She followed up with all guests who attended and booked another 2 follow-ups for us and is already moving Isotonix – sold 2 bottles today!  Also, one of our partners from the Clearwater area brought a guest to Monday’s HBP and he has also booked a follow-up and is interested in attending the Tampa local seminar as well.

On Wednesday, we drove to Clearwater before heading back to Jacksonville to meet with another long-term customer who owns a very successful accounting firm. We chatted by phone a week ago regarding the business, had a great lunch meeting with him and have another follow-up to lead to his people this Sunday.

So grateful to have learned the missing parts to the evaluation technique.  We haven’t perfected it by any means, but we are working on it and have a few team partners who are studying it and implementing it as well. Thank you for everything!

Beth & Pip Black

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