UFO Spotlight With Maggie Holbik: The ABC’s of Funding Your Shopping Annuity

A)     Always check your portal before you make any purchase!

B)     Believe in your company and trust that things are always done in the best interest for all concerned.

C)     Check in with your customers to see if they have questions, need help with anything or if you can be of any service whatsoever.

D)     Do whatever it takes to be successful. Don’t settle for anything less.

E)     Edify your business partners and corporate team.

F)      Fuel your Shopping Annuity by changing out as many household products to BV products like SNAP cleaning products, Global Care and the DNA line.

G)     Get serious. If not now, When?

H)     Have FUN!

I)       Inspire. Inspire your teammates and your business partners by being a positive and enthusiastic business builder who embraces growth.

J)      Join in. Be a team player. Attend events, trainings and online summits.

K)     Kick your own butt. Don’t be a slacker. Do a little bit each day and remember it all adds up.

L)      Love life and it loves you back. Love your business and you will see results!

M)   Make a difference. Aim to be of service and everything will fall into place. Look through the eyes of how you can help others rather than what’s in it for you.

N)     Never give up. Ever!

O)    Offer specials to your preferred customers by using the discount codes, sharing hot deals and showing your customers that you care about them and their interests.

P)     Plan your purchases. Learn how to navigate the partner stores and figure out the ones that will get the job done when it comes to the purchases you need made.

Q)    Quit complaining and start finding solutions. Be the solution and not the problem. Don’t create your own problems by focusing on what is not working. Find ways to make things work and re-chart your course if you must.

R)     Retail. Retail and Retail to Recruit.

S)      Save time and money by using your portal to make all of you purchases. Emphasize this feature to your customers and potential customers.

T)      Teach. Teach people how to take the money they are already spending on products they already buy and to use the Shopping Annuity Assessment tool to make that transition easy peasy.

U)     Unfazed! Become unfazed and know there will be ups and downs but that is what creates success. Never, ever give up!

V)     Vow. Vow to commit to you and your life. You are worth it and if you stick with it, one day you will be living the life of your dreams.

W)   Watch. Watch and learn from Meeton sessions, our YouTube Channel, online summits and more. Watch and learn. Be open to duplicating systems and training that are there for you.

X)     X-ample. Be an example of someone doing what it takes.

Y)     Yes.

Z)      Zero excuses. You can do this!

UnFranchise Owner

UnFranchise Owner


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