UFO Spotlight With Maggie Holbik: Building Reach With The Shopping Annuity

A great way to expand your reach and help others to build a Shopping Annuity is by having a lead-in product to attract new customers and potential UnFranchise Owners as well. By expanding your customer base, you not only help people save time and money by shopping through your site, but you generate BV and IBV for you and your team. You also create a trail of Shopping Annuity builders who are taking advantage of all that SHOP.COM has to offer.

For example, even though I do not specialize in Motives Cosmetics, recently I fell in LOVE with the Fiber Lush Mascara (which you can buy here). I could not contain my excitement and that turned out to be a very good thing. People in my social media circle got so excited about it, too. I sold over 100 mascaras in a month, getting MANY new customers and starting a Facebook Group for my Preferred Customers. 


The best part was that the commentary from the new customers was what excited more people and led to more sales all across the board and more new customers. In other words, my new customers really did the selling for me and their excitement for the product created a Fiber Lush frenzy!

I now have an expanded customer base that enjoys learning about other products we have, creating resales for me as mascara is a consumable product 😉, leading to sales of other products and purchases at our partner stores. To think, this all stemmed from me being excited about ONE product and sharing that excitement.

Find a product that you can be excited about and spend some time sharing that excitement while engaging with those who respond. Who knows where it will go? Most of all, have fun with it. 😊

UnFranchise Owner

UnFranchise Owner


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