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UFO Spotlight: The Magic Of Recruiting By Jim Winkler

Recruiting is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more Go Now’s you can find. Your probability for finding new clients increases with the more people you talk to. It’s about engaging in conversation and building solid relationships.

That being said, the UnFranchise Business is not about recruiting people, but recruiting the right people. Your business needs dedicated and committed entrepreneurs who will put in the work and time that is necessary to follow the result producing activities.

In order to further explain recruiting, Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler wrote an essay on how recruiting is a mindset and when it’s done right, it can lead to a magical year!


The Magic of Recruiting By Jim Winkler

Would you rather own one franchise location or have 100 franchise locations? Of course, the answer is 100 franchise locations. This makes it very simple to understand why we need to be serious about recruiting and expanding distribution in your UnFranchise® Business. If you owned a traditional business and had 50 employees and wanted to grow the business, typically that would require expansion (more employees). What would happen if, after you got to 50 employees, you said, “I am never hiring anyone ever again”? I think we know what would happen. Your business would be out of business! Our UnFranchise Business is no different. While we are moving products to end consumers, we must also be expanding our team if we want to see continued growth.

Have you ever been frustrated and said, “My team doesn’t attend events/move products/sell tickets/show the Plan/listen to me/do anything”? There is a simple answer to this problem: Get new people. Recruiting solves every problem that we have.

“My people don’t go to the events.” Then go find some new people and teach them from the beginning the right way to do the business.

“My people don’t retail.” Great, then go find some who will, and maybe they can help the ones who don’t.

So many of us spend so much of our time trying to change or get people to do what they don’t want to do. It sucks out all of our energy and spirit and we end up being the ones who are frustrated. So why do we do it? Because in our minds, we think that working with and trying to force these people to do what we want is easier than going out and getting new people. Nothing could be further from the truth, and this is one of the worst mistakes that you can make.

Some of your teammates just want to use and sell the product and don’t want to build a big business. If you put intense pressure on them to build because they are your only people on that team, you can end up driving them out of the business. Now, if you have lost the good people that you had on your team, people who produced steady volume, here is what I would recommend: Encourage and help the people on your team meet the goals THEY have (not your goals). Always be supportive, but stop hoping or depending on them to build a big business for you. Love and support your stable and waiting UnFranchise Owners; go out and find your GoNow business partners (if you don’t have some already). How many people will it take to find a GoNow business partner? As many as it takes!

Sometimes people will get lucky and find an incredible partner right away. Sometimes it may take introducing the business to dozens of new partners. Either way, you are continuing to grow your business and developing a bigger team.

Recruiting is really a mindset. Get your mind set to recruit more GoNows. We look forward to all of your future growth and success. Have a magical rest of the year!

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