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UFO Spotlight With Melanie Romero: Building Through Conquer

So it’s been a little over a week since MAIC2017 and my team and I have been working so hard. I know we’re all ready to be successful and help those along the way. We had a coring to plan for our upcoming events and one of them was on August 23rd.

Two days before MAIC2017, my sponsor, my partner, and I took the Certified Artist Developer training by Conquer Entertainment so we could work with musicians and help them monetize their lifestyle. The event we went to was a music event and the three of us went to meet artists and talk to them about Conquer. My sponsor and I were able to meet up with the host of the event and we have planned a meeting with him for Conquer in a few days. He is a radio show host who works with lots of musicians and is he interested in becoming a CAD to help them and bring them into Conquer!

My business partner not only celebrated her birthday at the event, but was also able to meet a musician and his manager. She gave them a quick intro about Conquer and how she would be able to help monetize his lifestyle. They have planned a follow-up date in about a week or so. I also met a musician while she was on her way out so I wasn’t able to explain much about Conquer to her, but we exchanged business cards and when she saw that I am a makeup artist, she was extremely excited. I told her I would call her to talk about me doing her makeup, and when I do, I’ll explain Conquer to her. Even though we left the event early, we made great connections!

We’re all very excited about our contacts and can’t wait to have them join Conquer Entertainment! While this program is new to us, I know we’re going to get the proper help to make sure everything turns out successful. International Convention was the perfect kick we needed to do something new and help our UnFranchise business so we can earn our six-figure income. I can’t wait for what’s to come!

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