UFO Spotlight With Melanie Romero: My Journey With Motives Cosmetics

In the beginning, began wearing makeup at 13. I would bring home some makeup I had bought from Claire’s and show it to my mom. At the time, my mom was in Market America for a couple of months. If I was going to wear makeup, then I was going to wear good quality makeup in Market America.

So, my mom brought home a Motives Cosmetics catalog and she would let me pick the products that I wanted. This was my introduction to Motives. After about two months of wearing Motives, my mom asked if I was interested in taking some Motives training classes. I agreed and we went to our first Motives class in Charlotte a few days before turning 14. After going through a custom blend class, my mom noticed that I had done a much better job than her and the trainer even pointed it out. My mom decided that I belonged with Motives and she would find something else to focus on in the business. Ever since then, I have been apart of the Motives and Me teen program. At 18, I officially became an UnFranchise owner.

Besides ordering the Motives and Me kit, my mom and I also ordered two palettes so I could have more products when I do other people’s makeup. My mom, who has been very supportive, helped me change one room in our house into my makeup room. I was even able to throw my first Motives party and I realized I could do much more than sell lipstick in this program. I have turned it into my own business and brand. I have created a hashtag for myself. I work with singers and nonprofit organizations, and I even teach entrepreneurship and how to be independent with the Motives and Me teen program to teenagers and young adults.

After learning new skills at my Motives training classes, I was ready to practice everything I had learned. For a few months, my mom, her business partner and I would go to a mall and rent a table for about $20 and I would set up all of my products. While they would talk a little about the business and get customers, I would do free makeovers so I could get hands-on training doing other people’s makeup. This went on for a while until I was finally skilled enough to charge people for makeovers. Because not only did I want to be apart of the teen program, but I also wanted to be a teen makeup artist. Now, I am constantly doing makeup for my friends for prom and other special events. I have done the makeup for models at fashion shows, and I am even doing musicians makeup for their music videos. The teen program taught me so many entrepreneurship skills and the training classes taught me how to make women look and feel beautiful!

UnFranchise Owner

UnFranchise Owner


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