UFO Spotlight with Ryan Stack: Why you MUST attend MAWC2017

“If you want something you never had, you have to learn something you never knew”

You’ll hear it over and over and over again – the secret to success is to attend the large events. I want to make sure everyone out there is hearing this like it was told to you the first time. When you hear something on repeat I know how we tend to shut our ears and the effectiveness of it goes away – but please hear this like it’s the first time: SHOP.COM is ahead of where the world is moving toward, SHOP.COM is more profitable and powerful today than in the last 24 years,   SHOP.COM today is faster to build than in any previous year and in order to take advantage of this you MUST ATTEND WORLD CONFERENCE 2017. For the early builders – the game is different. This isn’t just another event – it’s laying out the most profitable year in company history and how you can build using the power of the Shopping Annuity. For the new owners – the only way to expect to make it big is to learn everything possible and build event to event. There’s going to be a million things that could make it hard to attend: cost, schedule, jobs, kids, family events etc….Trust me when I say this – if there is a will and a desire, you MUST FIND A WAY TO MAKE IT.

11 + years ago – we were broke college kids with a baby on the way and knew that we had to make this work. Gary Rogers (director in this business) told us that we needed to learn fast and the only way he could see us making it was to attend miami world conference. I gave every reason why I couldn’t make it and he just said – I can get you a ticket and if you’re open for solutions – I bet we can see how we can make it happen. Long story short, we put out lots of messages. I found a ride down from a great group of MA moms in CT, I had friends pull together to find a contact for me to have a place to sleep, I had senior partners help with food throughout the weekend and I made it home without a problem. BECAUSE WE MADE IT HAPPEN IS THE REASON WE ARE HERE TODAY! I caught the vision – I saw things I never realized – I got the knowledge that gave me the belief and I knew HOW we were going to build – I GOT THE ANSWER and we got to work. Knowing what I know now – I know I would have quit had I not gone to this event and all that we know and have today would not have happened – and what a shame. MAWC2017 is the ticket to you, your teams and your guests understanding how to bring their dreams to reality.

Find a way – find a solution – problem solve and make it – your future self will thank you!


  1. Right now everyone should be messaging their individual partners to find a way to get even ONE more person to this event. Problem solve. Who has an issue that you can help with. You’ll find that people may be open to go but hotel is a problem, or the ticket is the issue – these are problems you can work through to solve! Get on a call with your leaders and get the calls/messages out and problem solve to get your team (your family 🙂 down there. It will change their life!
  1. Contact those who you know in the FL area. You may have contacts down in FL – use social media to see, get with your teams to do the same and make appointments with those people to view the overview! How many people can you get on a webinar/ video etc that may have contacts they know (it’s not about them, it’s about who they know) and start the ABC pattern to find people in that area. We’ve done this in past years and ended up having several guests in the conf bc it was close and easy for them to attend! (BIG TIP)
  1. Max out your time there. World Conference is a time to step away from day to day life and go 1000% in your SHOP.COM business. Get there early – leave late – attend breakouts and gather together with your teams and do some power corings! This is an awesome time to build relationships with everyone on your individual teams, network with other successful owners, leverage the energy and experience on social media, etc….. TAKE IT ALL IN
  1. Book your next two weeks from Miami out now on your schedule. When you get back from Miami everyone is going to be in hyper drive mode for about 2 weeks. If you book your schedules – trainings – business building times for the 2 weeks after the seminar – you’ll have a focus to all this energy and your business will explode! If you wait – then you’ll lose the momentum. Book the events – get the team on board and focused on using your new knowledge and energy and apply it to result producing activities!

I can’t wait to see you all down there. We have a chance to change the world and we can do it if we all attend this event! Don’t miss it!


UnFranchise Owner

UnFranchise Owner


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