UFO Spotlight: Shopping Annuity Premium Brand Coffee

The Shopping Annuity® Premium Brand Coffee has been a huge hit in the UnFranchise® Community! It’s clear that our UnFranchise Owners love to start their day off with caffeine that can fund their Shopping Annuity.

Between the friendly cost, delicious taste, and BV reward, you can’t beat this coffee! The convenient single serve cups are perfect for your Keurig of choice. You can buy it today by clicking on the link below!

Shopping Annuity Brand Premium Coffee – Premium Roast 36 Single Server Brew Cups (0.40 oz/11G each)

UC $29.95 | BV: 15

As we stated above, the coffee has had such a positive impact in the UnFranchise Community. Check out what some of our UFOs are saying on social media about the coffee.

Petrina Cheng

Shannon Goodberry

Barry Golomb

Eugene Tampus





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