UFO Spotlight: Time Management With The UnFranchise Business By Jim Winkler

In this UFO Spotlight, Vice President of Sales Jim Winkler explains how to properly use time management skills to build your UnFranchise. Read and share the message below.

Time Management With The UnFranchise Business By Jim Winkler

Why is time management so important to an UnFranchise Owner (UFO)? It is vital because for many of us, our goal is to get more time back because of the efforts that we put into the business.  However, one of the things that we always must be aware of is that we must put time into the business to get time back from the business later on.  In other words, you need to sacrifice some time in the present to have more time in the future.

Many of us start our business without a good plan on how to use our time. Because of this, we waste a lot of time thinking about the business instead of getting out and doing the business. There is nothing more frustrating than thinking about what you should be doing and not doing it. It is mentally fatiguing.

We can control our time management with a few key actions and principles. One principle is to always be focused on result-producing activities. What are result-producing activities? Action items, such as adding names to our names list, showing the business Plan, retailing products to customers, attending and promoting training events, and mastering our Shopping Annuity concept (using and purchasing products from our own business). If we keep our efforts focused on these key areas, we will always be maximizing our time in the business.

Another important time management tool is to keep an updated “to do” list. Update every night before going to bed or the first thing in the morning. This will allow you to focus on the big items that need to be taken care of right away to start the day strong. Our Senior Executive Vice President Loren Ridinger always says to take care of the hardest item first. This is so important because many of us do what is easy, not what is truly important.

Make commitments and deadlines for when you will complete the items on your “to do” list and with your goals. By doing this, you will stay on course and keep a focus on what needs to be done and when will it be done.

Another way to maximize your time is to spend time with the right people. Many times, we will bring someone in the business, and we want them to succeed so badly that we don’t see that they are not putting in the effort that is needed. A common mistake is to try to put more effort into the person who really doesn’t want to build that fast. The smarter way to build is to find someone on your team (doesn’t matter whether you personally introduced them to the business or not) who really wants to build fast and work with them. We call this matching effort. You can move incredibly fast when you’re putting time into someone who wants to succeed as badly as you do.

What do I do if I don’t have anyone who wants to build fast? This brings up the final time management tip — KEEP RECRUITING! The only way to get more time is to build a larger distribution network or team. So many people bring in a couple of people and expect them to do everything — wrong.  Keep recruiting and looking for people who want to build the business fast. Love the other people for what they do. An organization is made up of a lot of people who love our products and use them and retail them but don’t always want to build a big business. Those are great people. Keep them informed on what the team is doing and communicate regularly with them – but don’t expect them to build your business. Keep prospecting and looking for the superstars.

Stay focused on these time management tips and you will grow your business fast. Schedule your business, and have fun doing it. Remember, you can do this part time, but you cannot do it spare time.

Keep growing!




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