UFOs are raving about the new Hurdlr App!

Market America partnered with Hurdlr for USA and CAN UnFranchise Owners, which automatically tracks all of your mileage, expenses, income streams, and tax deductions in real-time. 
By calculating valuable tax deductions and automating your financial records, Hurdlr can help the average user save $1,000s per year on their tax bill and get back hours of their time.  (For all other Market Countries, UnFranchise Owners will continue to have access to Deductr until Hurdlr becomes available.)

In a special 4-week session, UnFranchise Owners learned the ins and outs of how to maximize what Hurdlr has to offer. Check out what UnFranchise Owners have had to say about their experience with Hurdlr thus far:

“Hurdlr has made it very easy to track mileage and expenses automatically. The swipe feature on the app to tag as personal or business and the ability to create rules to automatically tag repeat expenses is a huge time saver.”
-​Eric C

“The auto mileage tracking is great!!! I don’t have to try to remember when I drive for business. Same with cc and bank expenditures.”
-​Tina R

“Easy mileage tracking. Only thing is we need an option to add our business First Bankcard credit card accounts. Currently I have only been able to add my personal not my business.”
-​Tiffany P

“Hurdlr is user friendly and intuitive. I love how it automatically logs the mileage.”
-​Mary W

“I love this app❣ Easily tracks mileage and expenses, so convenient.”
-​Bonnie & Gary C

“I love this new business tracking system!”
-​Michael & Pamela D

“I am happy I don’t have to put so much information on Hurdlr. I like where I can just choose business or personal. I like taking pictures of my receipts and just adding a few details. I like how it tracks all my expenses. I love it.”
-​Rosa P

“It has taken me a little while to adjust to the new system, but I feel Hurdlr is going to be a beneficial addition to the efficiency of my business.”
-​Michele M

“I really like the app. I don’t have to let in the miles, don’t have to hit start. It tracks everything for me and I just have to make sure that each trip is personal or business. Great app.”
-​Phuong N

“Hurdlr is so easy to use and track expenses! I can easily determine business related items and categorize. Makes my business life so much easier!”
-​Chip & Mandie E

“So far I love it. The automatic mileage is great. I still need to add more FI accounts but based on info so far. I am very pleased with this product”
-​Lizz W

“This is so easy and fast! Love the mileage tracker. Thank you so much!”
-​Wendy & Chad L

“It’s easy to use and keep track of my expenses and receipts. I’d be interested in taking some lessons on ways to best use the app and the proper way to add all my expenses for the various events, products etc. I’m getting by OK now but I’d like to be sure I’m maximizing the benefits that Hurdlr offers. Thank you!”

-​Janine B

“I can keep track of business AND personal expenses on the same app. Hurdlr records my mileage and lists my savings and tax deductions. So simple and very convenient. Absolutely love Hurdlr!”
-​Deb C

“I’m loving the mileage tracker!! I’m just getting started in this business so I find it very helpful!!”
-​Lora K

“It’s great for tracking mileage automatically. I also love the tracking of the bank transactions as soon as they happen! The tutorial video went a little too fast for me. Thanks for showing the actual pages in the app. That helps.”
-​Carol R and Michael W P

“This system is so much easier than the other system. I love that I don’t have to remember to start the tracking manually every time I head out, which I always forget and recording receipts is super simple. Is Great.”
-​Dana and Connie C

“It is amazing help for getting an accurate track of my mileage, which is something I previously estimated. I feel like this is such a user friendly system for tax deductions and I can’t wait to see how much more I save.”
-​Cavonne S

“I really do love the automatic mileage tracking as well as the expense tracking. Hurdlr has made it really convenient and user-friendly! I can make an easy swipe to identify whether it is personal or business-related!”
-​Emma C

“I love the new features of this app especially the auto track for mileage. Thank you for the upgrades and making life easier.”
-​Delena K

“Great app! Useful and easy. I love it! Wish I could go back to the beginning of the year!”
-​Laura H

“So far, I love the mileage feature! There is a lot I have to learn about other features including how to capture past years purchases with the Hurdlr program.”
-​Debra D

“This app is amazing. It is accurate, I love it”
-​Leeland W

“Hurdlr is working well so far. Tracking mileage, expenses, and income has always been a challenge for me. This makes it very easy.”
-​Larissa G

“Love Hurdle. It makes things easy. Thank you very much.”
-​Sandra M

“Hurdler is absolutely amazing! It’s been helping track expenses and it’s so easy to use! I’m really glad I downloaded the app!”
-​Mohamed I

“Love it.”
-​Joe and Ruth D

“It is great.”
-​Yuan L

“I love Hurdlr so much as it helps me a lot to manage my business expenses and income easily. First thing I love is about the auto tracking for my mileage. This app made it so much easy for me that I don’t have to turn on and off every time I drive. All I have to do is by the end of the day or even a few days later, I can go back and swipe left and right for my mileage to either personal or business. It track where I’ve been to so I dont have try to remember my trips. Second, I love the “Rules”. It will auto remember my common place I spend my money so it will save me a lot of time to type and remember. Finally, categories of expenses, well, exactly what my accountant looking for on my tax report. Save me so much time for sure by the end of the year and so my accountant will not complain on my paper anymore. She should be surprised of how organized I am. Thank you so much again for being a great partner with Market America. Our company is always looking for the best service and we sure you are.”
-​Vy N

“Hurdlr has been great so far. Very easy to use.”
-​Jennifer F

“It is extremely convenient how it tracks all of my miles and makes it so simple to check all mileage and transactions as either personal or business. Extremely easy to use and I keep up on it much better.”
-​Megan L

“Hurdlr tracks every trip and I simply have to swipe to identify whether it is a personal trip or business.”
-​Denise G

“I’m absolutely loving Hurdlr as its simple but friendly interface is easy to use and navigate. The app does work like intended and so far I have not had any issues using Hurdlr. Keeping a constant track of my miles is becoming a good habit. Thank you to Market America for giving us access to such a unique and useful app.”
-​Ivan G

“Loving Hurdlr so far! Once you get setup it tracks everything for you. Also the mileage tracking is great too! It will be much easier come tax time to submit paperwork to our accountant.”
-​William O

“As a new business owner, I am in love with how much Hurdlr helps to keep me organized. I appreciate the options to be able to enter my mileage so that I can make sure I have every penny accounted for.”
-​Rainelle B

“We love that it takes a record keeping task that can add up to hours and even days sometimes (because it is so easy to put off) and makes it as easy as tapping a notification on your phone. In seconds each day you are taking the stress away from year end taxes!”
-​Jarod W

“Hurdlr helps me track the daily spendings of gas, eating, miles, and purchases needed to run my business. If you have automatic tracking, it separates each trip or purchase so when you’re free you can tag as personal or for business. Making it so easy for me to track my finances without any headache. If you have it on manual, they have everything broken down to track you finances as well to help you track it yourself.”
-​Gabriel N

“Hurdlr is a good app that I utilize to keep track of my mileage. The best function is the simplicity of swiping left or right to track work and personal travel. I intend to apply this app for my taxes each year.”
-​Jesse D

With only a few months remaining in 2019, how have you maximized your potential tax benefits as an UnFranchise Owner?  For tips on getting the most out of Hurdlr, you can access the 4-week session  HERE.

Sarah Rose Stack

Sarah Rose Stack


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