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UFOs In The Field: Shopping Annuity Savings

It’s one thing to talk about the Shopping Annuity. It’s another thing to actually implement it in your life.

The Shopping Annuity is much more than just converting spending into earning. It’s an attitude and lifestyle change that can change the way you live forever. As an UnFranchise Owner, the power of the economy is going back into the hand of the consumer. You are not only saving money, but putting it back into your pocket!

At MAIC2017, JR Ridinger and Chris Peddycord talked about the Uberization of the Shopping Annuity. Uber exploded overnight and that’s the hope for the Shopping Annuity. Chris discussed the new updates to the Shopping Annuity Assessment. It’s all about personalization and better tracking. With more testimonials through Fanreel and Curulate, UFOs chances for retailing products will increase.


Like we said above, it’s one thing to talk about converting spending into earning. It’s another thing to do it. You have to be able to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Two UFOs that practice and live by the Shopping Annuity are Carrie Roberts Smith and Kathy Neilsen Auffant. Both of these UFOs have seen success, with Carrie recently winning the Motives Challenge and Kathy is a Certified nutraMetrix Consultant and TLS Coach. Carrie and Kathy know the importance of SHOP.COM, BV, and IBV and have provided examples of how they are saving money everyday!

Carrie Roberts Smith, Professional Coordinator

Math time! Sometimes I look at SHOP.COM Direct Essentials and I think, it’s cheaper at WalMart. Have you done this? I decided to get out of my own way today and do a serious comparison.

I found the item I wanted on Direct Essentials for $163 and at WalMart, it was $135. Big difference. Direct Essentials is 5% Cash Back and 10% IBV. WalMart is $0 Cash Back and 1% IBV. So I put the Direct Essentials Item in my cart. I got free shipping and $20 savings with Masterpass. I used my SHOP black card and got 1.33 BV, 8.16 Cash Back and 16.32 IBV. So it was actually cheaper at Direct Essentials AND my team got 1.33 BV and 16.32 IBV!!! Sometimes when we get out of our own way, GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!


Kathy Neilsen Auffant RN, CPAN, Certified NutraMetrix Consultant & Certified TLS COACH

“Once again JR, I must thank you for sharing your brilliance, vision and insight into giving us this amazing opportunity called Market America!!! I LOVE the Shopping Annuity!!! I LOVE FEEDING MY SHOPPING ANNUITY!!

I went to 2 stores to find a mattress that I could then buy through my web portal. If I bought it online at Sleepys, I had to pay extra for the base. I tried to get Macy’s gift card to buy it in-store since mattresses online have to go through a chat person and then it’s no longer commissionable. I bought 15 gift cards for Bed, Bath and Beyond for $3400 through SHOP.COM eGift Center. I received $68 Cashback and 102 IBV. I then went through my portal to Bed, Bath & Beyond and bought the mattress with my eGift cards. I got another $68 Cashback and 136 more IBV!!!!! That IBV is going to just about qualify me for another IBV check!! I can sleep well dreaming about how to spend my Cashback and IBV check and that I added $6800 to my Shopping Annuity! ❤️”

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