Understanding The Importance of OPCs

Everyone is subject to free radical damage and oxidative stress. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that form in cigarette smoke; processed, fried or microwaved food; environmental chemical pollution and even normal metabolism.

Free radical damage is minimised by supporting the body’s natural antioxidant defences. Isotonix OPC-3 offers scientifically supported OPCs, found to be a powerful antioxidant for human health. The potent nutrients, in combination with the highly effective delivery system, makes OPC-3 a powerful free radical scavenging product.

If you would like to know more about how free radicals affect health and like an in-depth review of the myriad therapeutic benefits of this super-strength antioxidant in protecting the body from head-to-toe, then we recommend you read our Live Better Long Book.

It is a powerful and easy tool to educate yourself on Market Australia’s Isotonix OPC-3 and includes research findings from around the world explain how OPCs, an intensively investigated free-radical fighter, works.

“I have gifted this book to many customers to continually educate them about the products they use. This reminds them & emphasises the benefits of using them and staying consistent. A short read. Easy for anyone, including those with no background at all in the scientific lingo.”

– Diana B

“The best business tool! Hand it out to prospects and customers. Share the information.”

  • Lily C

“This book is particularly in-depth about explaining how OPC works. It isn’t a very long read, I’d recommend this book to anyone that wants to find out how OPC can help them live longer.”

  • Derick L

“If you read this book, and do not want to take, and believe everyone should take OPC’s every day, then you just don’t care about your health. This book really opened my eyes to the connection between free radical damage, and ALL of our major health issues.”

  • Fritz N

“This book is very well written and has a plethora of scientific fact and real life examples from clinics and testimonials. It is written in laymen’s terms and is the best book on the subject of Pycnogenol out there. For all those who like to look for natural cures for a number of diseases, this book will tell you all you need to know on mechanisms and methods to get results with antioxidants. Definitely a must add for followers of alternative medicine.”

  • Hank L


Jacqueline Ballard

Jacqueline Ballard

Marketing Manager for Market Australia

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