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Business Building: Creating Leverage In Your UnFranchise

For UnFranchise® Owners to take their business to the next level, it requires a certain amount of leverage. Leverage will keep the business moving in the right direction and eventually, it will garner results.

Creating leverage for your UnFranchise involves seven key components.

  • Preparing to prospect
  • Names list
  • Learn the approaches
  • Recruiting / Appointments/ Showing the Plan
  • Sponsoring
  • Follow Up & ABC Pattern
  • Ongoing Accountability / Methodologies

Let’s start with preparing to prospect. This begins with going over the basic questions that new prospects / clients may ask you while explaining the business. “What do you do,” and What is it” are two questions that will undoubtedly be asked during your meetings. Your answers should be short and intriguing with your goal being to start a dialogue. For example, someone may as you “What is it” in reference to the company. A solid answer would be, “We are a product brokerage and internet marketing company called Market America I  SHOP.COM. Have you heard of us?”

From there, you need to come up with what we call a “2 minute commercial” for Market America | SHOP.COM. The commercial answers the question, “why.” Why are you in the business? Use your “why” to answer.

After preparing to prospect, the next step is to create a names list. A names list is directory of 60-200 names that could potentially be interested in the UnFranchise Business. These people can be friends, family members, coworkers, classmates, neighbors, and even social media followers. Once you create a giant list, identify your Top 10 list of names you will contact first.

How will you reach out to your potential clients? We recommend to do this on either the phone (if you have their number) or through social media.

So you prepared to prospect and created a names list. Now, it’s time to learn how to approach your list of potential teammates and customers. Before this happens, do your homework. By homework, we mean to do some research about each person. Look at their social media profiles. Even when you begin to talk with each person, take the time to get to know them. People will be attracted when you show that you care, you are excited, and you believe in your business.

When it’s time to approach the conversation about the business, there are a few ways to go. These approaches can be direct, referral, and conversational.

If these approaches spurn numerous follow-up questions, it is time to set the appointment. “Everything else is hard to explain, can we get together?Which day works better for you, Monday or Tuesday?” Find time in their schedule to set up a one-on-one meeting, two-on-one meeting, Online meeting, UBP, or training event.

If you have multiple team members that have questions or concerns, organizing a call workshop may be in your best interest. Call workshops are a way for multiple members of your team can communicate in one setting. If it’s all with new people, call workshops provide a forum to ask questions and elaborate on business concepts.

Call workshops are not only for learning purposes, but for recruiting aspects. New UFOs use call workshops to grow their business. Calling 40-50 people on your names list in one setting may sound like a lot, but if you are focused and prepared, it’s more than doable. The goal of the call workshop is to spark interest and more importantly, lead to an appointment to show the plan.

Once you book your appointments, it’s time to show the UnFranchise Business plan. Sharing the UnFranchise Business plan is one of the most important aspects in growing your brand and business. It can be the difference between gaining a customer/business partner or not.

You wouldn’t go into a battle without a weapon right? The same principle applies to showing the plan. You can’t go into an appointment to show the plan without Market America Materials and Tools. Here are a few of our suggestions.

  • UnFranchise Business Presentation (PPT)
  • Official UBP Video (YouTube)
  • Your Favorite UBP Video (YouTube)
  • Flip Chart (code 700)
  • Opportunity:
  • Power Profiles
  • UnFranchise® Owner Magazine
  • Global Annual Report
  • About MA (download)
  • Websites (SHOP.COM,, etc.)
  • Product Catalogs
  • Home Shopping List/Shopping Annuity® Assessment

Earlier we mentioned some of the meetings that UFOs could attend (one-to-one, two-on-one, etc.). We broke down the difference between each appointment and why they’re important.

During the plan, it’s crucial to let your client know that you and your team will support them. Explain how the system will help them. Let them know that some people will be skeptical or negative. Be prepared to ask if they are interested in getting started or learning more.

While explaining the plan, it’s key to use Market America lingo to explain crucial topics. You’re not a “member of Market America.” You “own an UnFranchise Business.” These are selling points that can sway your client to continue on with the presentation. Here are other lingo examples.

Make sure to go to for more on our lingo.

After showing the plan once and the client wants to continue, UFOs need to book follow up appointments. Schedule a follow up meeting to answer questions that may have developed since their last meeting. You have to continue to follow up until they get started or let you know they are not interested. Don’t push your client, but have a sense of urgency to book another appointment. Book the follow up within 48 to 72 hours if possible.

If your follow ups go according to schedule and they see the plan at least three times and want to continue, it’s time to sign up to own an UnFranchise. Explain to your client how to register and make the time to walk them step-by-step in the process. Show the goals that they should try to hit in the beginning weeks.

Once you sign up a new client, it’s your job to sponsor them. The objective for new UnFranchise Owners is to lead to prospects while demonstrating the best practices to build the business and create duplication, which also leads to leverage.

The ABC Pattern is crucial for duplication. The ABC Pattern allows UFOs to control the result and success of building a group. Every UFO should form a team with their senior partner and their team. From there, begin the team with a new person at the bottom of the stool (team) and get them to cycle weekly.

This concept is all about following up with your new team members. In order to get the duplication results you want, you have to put the time and effort in with your team. Go above and beyond to make sure your prospects feel comfortable and confident to grow their UnFranchise. After every meeting, schedule another meeting so your new prospects can bring in their prospects and so on and so forth. Duplication comes from the bottom up, not the top down. This is important to remember because if you are not recruiting the right GO NOW team members, your UnFranchise will never reach its full potential. If you show passion and dedication in your UnFranchise, it will rub off on your GO NOW teammates.

Remember, the ABC Pattern never unfolds perfectly. It might skip a few people and you might hit a few dead ends with potential prospects. This will more than likely happen at one point. However, it’s important to stay focused and motivated as you continue on in your journey. Don’t focus on the people who don’t commit. Move on and find the right people who are passionate and want to change their lives with the Shopping Annuity.

Finally, hold yourself and your teammates accountable. Stay on top of their progress and help them in anyway you see fit.

To learn more about business building, click here.

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