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UnFranchise Marketing App Goes Global Starting June 1

The time has finally come for every UnFranchise® Owner (UFO) to experience the UnFranchise Marketing App. Starting June 1, which is today, the UnFranchise Marketing App is available in all market countries! The app will be available as part of your UnFranchise Business subscription

At MAWC2021, Marc Ashley teased that the UnFranchise Marketing App would be global in the next few months. That tease became a reality today as the app is live globally. All active UFOS will be able to download this powerful resource and maximize its vast marketing capabilities to assist with the growth and success of their UnFranchise Business.

UFOs can download the UnFranchise Marketing App in the App Store and Google Play Store, and log in with the same credentials that you use when visiting UnFranchise. Your access to the app is included in your annual UnFranchise Business subscription.

The app’s goal is to make it easier and more convenient to grow your business. UFOs will now have access to business-building tools and training materials right on their mobile device.

UnFranchise Marketing App Features

  • Customer Acquisition Tool – sync any or all contacts with the app. Build hot and cold prospect list.
  • Share Product Information and Creative Assets – videos, marketing materials, training guides, etc, via email, text, what’s app, social media.
  • Receive Notifications – receive notifications when customers click or view content
  • Send Single Samples – send single sample packet directly to a customer via the app. Your customer will receive a professional and personalized letter with the packet. You can either send the sample or your customer can purchase it from your site. As long as you have the app, you’ll be abele to send a single sample when ordering on
  • Follow up effectively – campaigns will be automated for you when you send samples through the app, hand out samples in person (simply enter the contact’s name and email in the app), and when samples are ordered through your Sample Site. The app will send a series of emails to the contact to keep their interest throughout the sampling process. When you want or need to personally follow up, you can utilize the app’s section of Sample Follow-Up Texts that are conveniently written for you and offer the ability to customize and personalize the text, as necessary.
  • Trial Sized Marketing Packs – In addition to sending samples, users can send one of the following trial sized marketing packs: Isotonix® Daily Essentials Trial-Sized Marketing PacksLumière de Vie® Needle-Free Serum Trial-Sized Marketing Packs, and Prime™ Sleep Trial-Sized Marketing Packs.

Remember that the app’s fee will be apart of your UnFranchise subscription renewal. Download the UnFranchise Marketing App in the App Store and Google Play Store starting on June 1!

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