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Just when we thought the UnFranchise Marketing App couldn’t get any better, SHOP LIVE was introduced! Since its launch, UFOs across the world are tapping into the live-stream features of SHOP LIVE to host retail events and even to show the plan. Continue reading to see what people are saying about SHOP LIVE and the UnFranchise Marketing App.

With SHOP LIVE, UnFranchise Owners now have their own, personalized shopping channel to conveniently utilize for marketing and retailing. Host virtual presentations by going live from anywhere at any time to promote Market America’s exclusive products and provide guests with a fun, interactive shopping experience.

SHOP LIVE’s features include hosting & promoting, creating & joining teams, retailing & interacting, and reporting & following up. This has been a total game-changer already!

See what people are saying:

“The UnFranchise Marketing App has stimulated my organizational growth. The fast response time in sending select product samples out to interested candidates, as well as providing part one and part two videos of the introduction to the UnFranchise Business initiating the evaluation process has led to two new partners this past quarter. Shop Live is playing a great role in developing Base ten with each new partner and I can include many of my team at the same time. Love it, Love it, Love it! Make the effort and use the tools.” – Dennis Franks, Executive Vice President

“They say ‘fortune is in the follow-up’, but if I’m being honest this is one of my weaknesses.  My days are long and I get pulled in so many directions, it’s easy for weeks to pass me by without doing my due diligence to follow-up with a customer or prospect, which means missing out on sales and potential partnerships! I love that the UF Marketing app has turned this weakness of mine, into a strength, and is not only saving me time but making me more money!” – Lisa Martin, Director of Field Development of Motives Beauty Brands

“To report on how my Shop Live went on Wednesday, it was a huge hit. Overall the event turned out great with 14 guests total. I sold 6 detoxes from this overview and Mady sold 3! So I’m really loving shop live right now.” – Stephanie Tasch. Executive Coordinator. Canada.


Learn how to get the most out of SHOP LIVE and the UnFranchise Marketing App from the experts:

Are you finding success with the UnFranchise Marketing App and SHOP LIVE? Let us know about it in the comments. 

Ashley Purnell

Ashley Purnell

Director of Corporate Social Media

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