UnFranchise Marketing App Training Videos: How To Use SHOP LIVE

SHOP LIVE has arrived. In case you missed last week’s groundbreaking announcement, the UnFranchise Marketing App officially added a livestreaming feature in the form of SHOP LIVE.

With SHOP LIVE, UnFranchise Owners now have their own, personalized shopping channel to conveniently utilize for marketing and retailing. Host virtual presentations by going live from anywhere at any time to promote Market America’s exclusive products and provide guests with a fun, interactive shopping experience.

SHOP LIVE’s features include hosting & promoting, creating & joining teams, retailing & interacting, and reporting & following up.

To further explain SHOP LIVE and its features, the Market America multimedia team created a series of videos that provide step-by-step instructions on how to access and use SHOP LIVE. Check them out below.

SHOP LIVE Tutorial

To set up and host a SHOP LIVE event, you must use the UnFranchise Marketing App Desktop, which you can download by clicking here. Hosts must use the desktop app if they want to host an event. However, guests can watch from other platforms such as mobile devices if they have a link.

Sharing a SHOP LIVE Link Team

This video explains how to share your SHOP LIVE link and promote your leaders’ links through the UnFranchise Marketing App.

Sharing a SHOP LIVE Link Leader

This video explains how you can promote your SHOP LIVE events and your teammates’ events.

SHOP LIVE Report for Follow Up

Learn how to access the data after your SHOP LIVE presentations to see who attended, who invited them, how long they watched and what items they clicked on.

SHOP LIVE Team Announcement

Learn how to create and send Team Announcements (general Team Announcements and SHOP LIVE Announcements) using the UnFranchise Marketing App.

These training videos include subtitles in multiple languages. The languages are Canadian French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Hong Kong, Spanish, Chinese Taiwan, and Malay. View them on the Market America YouTube Channel.

Last week, there were two SHOP LIVE training sessions on Zoom that consisted of an introduction to SHOP LIVE and step-by-step tutorials on how to use its features. Both videos are located below.

To access SHOP LIVE, UFOs must download the UnFranchise Marketing App today from the App Store or Google Play for access to all the features, services, and benefits that it offers you as an UnFranchise Owner, which now includes SHOP LIVE.

Take advantage of this revolutionary technology today!

The Shopping Annuity

The Shopping Annuity


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