UnFranchise® TV: New Training Videos to Watch

Have you tuned into UnFranchise® TV on MeetON yet? If you have, you know how valuable the information is that is provided by the field leaders featured in the training videos. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Lucky for you, there’s never been a better time to jump in with both feet and experience UnFranchise® TV for yourself. Read on for information about newest training videos to be added to UnFranchise.MeetON.com and links to where you can watch them online.

New training videos from top earners have been added to UnFranchise® TV! These videos provide invaluable insight on how to have effective conversations about the UnFranchise Business with prospects, as well as how to select the right people for your organization. These presentations are available for viewing at UnFranchise.MeetON for 30 credits each — that’s just $3.00 – and offer UnFranchise Owners an outstanding value. Once the videos are purchased, each will be available to watch for 72 hours (unlimited viewing).

Changing Lives and Making an Impact  The Kenny Cuchiara Story
Presented by Norm Roth

“One night in January as I sat in my chair (my weight being 316 lbs.), I realized it was time to go to bed. While I sat there, my ankles, knees and hips hurt so badly that I wondered if it was worth going to bed or if I should just stay and sleep in my chair. However, I remembered I needed to take an insulin shot, so I was forced to get up. Later while in bed, I started praying hard because I knew I was in trouble and didn’t know the way out. The next day I called my bariatric surgery specialist to make an appointment. The lady first said the doctor was booked for the next three weeks, but then she said “Wait a minute, I just got a cancellation. Can you be here tomorrow morning?” I took the appointment in hopes it would be the answer to my overweight challenge and diabetes problem. I had the surgery scheduled three weeks out and was not allowed to gain any weight during this period; in fact, I was told to lose 10% of my desired weight loss of 90 lbs., which meant I needed to lose nine pounds by the time of surgery. The surgery took place Feb. 15, 2013.

The second day after surgery I contacted Executive Field Vice President Norm Roth and told him I had made a serious commitment to taking vitamins and obtaining optimal health. He took action and called Executive Vice President of Sales Dennis Franks and faxed my list to Market America. This turned out to be a life-changing event. I became the poster child for this Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Procedure because of the Isotonix® vitamins from Market America. My blood tests are perfect, diabetes is gone and I have taken no insulin in 16 months. My weight today is 209 lbs. To say Market America’s Isotonix vitamins have changed my life is an understatement, because it has given me my life back.”

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Retailing With Beth Black
Presented by Beth Black

Ever have trouble retailing? Remember, people love to shop, but hate to be sold. Learn retailing, one of the fundamentals of the Basic 5, from Beth Black, a national trainer with over 20 years of experience with Market America.

“You need to retail to recruit and retail to cover your business expenses.” – Beth Black

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Building and Balance
Presented by Aubrey Clay

One of the keys to any business is balance. We all had lives before we partnered with Market America. Learn how to incorporate your UnFranchise Business into your lifestyle and become successful from Aubrey Clay, a Professional Coordinator with over 12 years of experience with Market America.

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UnFranchise TV Viewer Testimonial:

“I took three pages of notes and can’t wait to share your list of to-dos when I meet with my team. I just became an Executive Coordinator and am looking forward to Master Coordinator in the near future. This is an incredible company with awesome people helping others. Thank you again.” – Janet C. Wheeler

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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