Unleashing the Hidden Powers of Your Liver Beyond Detox

Apart from detoxification, the liver is a crucial organ that has several functions essential to our health. Dr. Deedra Mason highlights the liver beyond detox and its many capabilities, such as hormone regulation and metabolism, in our newest video. And there are plenty of ways you can prioritize these aspects of your health.

Here are some tips for a happy liver:

  1. Pump that iron. Exercise and a healthy body composition reduce the risk of liver disease.
  2. Eat a balanced diet, avoiding toxins such as excessive alcohol, which can harm your liver cells or even scar your liver. (P.S. Check out these tasty recipes that can help keep you on track.)
  3. Take care of your hygiene. Don’t share personal items such as razors or toothbrushes, avoiding exposure to blood and other contaminants. Also, wash your hands frequently!

As a multi-functional organ that plays a vital role in many aspects of our health beyond detox, your liver is important to take care of by maintaining a healthy diet and workout routine, avoiding toxins, and following recommended hygiene practices. By doing so, you can help ensure that your liver is functioning optimally and supporting your overall well-being.

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Rea Grim

Rea Grim

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