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Utilizing Your maWebCenters® Business to Help Businesses in Need

The worldwide COVID-19 crisis has led to many businesses temporarily closing the doors of their brick-and-mortar stores and offices. This indefinite halt has made it even more essential for small and medium-sized businesses to have an effective presence on the Web.

With a professionally-designed website and a strong digital marketing strategy in place, a business can continue to inform and service customers online, while reaching and attracting new customers across a local or regional level.

As an UnFranchise Owner, you have a unique opportunity to help businesses establish a successful online presence while also earning ongoing retail profits and BV for yourself.

 How? Become a WebCenter Owner. Owning a WebCenter gives you the exclusive ability to sell a wide variety of digital marketing products and packages to potential clients, based on their business’ needs and goals.

maWebCenters® offers services such as Website Setup, Hosting, Design Packages, eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Text Message Marketing, Google Advertising, Facebook Advertising, Online Reputation Management, Logo Design, Newsletter Design, Content Writing and more!

The large, diverse menu of available options and the unlimited, 24/7 support is unmatched across the industry, making maWebCenters the Ultimate Online Solution for all of your clients’ digital marketing needs.

The new Text Message Marketing service Morse Connect can be used to reach and interact with customers via text messaging, with the ability to send mass texts regarding important updates, daily specials, orders, deliveries, hours of operation, etc. The business can respond in real-time or set up automatic replies based on the keywords within the customer’s message.

How Do I Sell? Simply set up an appointment through your WebCenter. Schedule a demo call between a potential client and the maWebCenters Team. The Team works on closing the sale for you.

You are always welcome to attend the call and listen in for your own knowledge and better understanding of the process, but you don’t have to be an expert. Once you introduce the client to maWebCenters, the Team will take it from there, allowing you to focus on earning profits and residuals for your own business.

Earn initial retail profit and/or BV on each sale, plus ongoing monthly retail profit and/or BV for selling a monthly service. The average website sale generates about $1,000.00 USD in retail profit and 230 BV.

To see a full list of the available services and their associated retail profit and BV amounts, visit UnFranchise Support Materials and search for “WebCenter Price List”.

There are plenty of informational resources, trainings and videos available at your fingertips, as well as around-the-clock support from maWebCenters to answer any questions you may have.

  • Visit to learn more and leverage videos, downloads and the WebCenter Academy for training and marketing materials.
  • Utilize > Help & Training > UnFranchise Support Materials and search for “WebCenter” for a list of WebCenter-related resources, including presentations, guides, sales aids, and more.
  • Check out our YouTube channel to watch presentations, recorded webinars and other helpful demos.
  • Request to join our Facebook group for guidance, motivation and tips from fellow WebCenter Owners.

For a Limited Time Starting Friday, April 17th:

Get your WebCenter Set-Up for FREE!* We are waiving the normal $100.00 USD cost. *Monthly service fees still apply. 0 BV for Free WebCenter Set-Up.

If you’re a first-time WebCenter Owner, enter the following code in Quick Order Entry:

WCSP           USA

CWCSP         CAN


TWCSP         TWN



7WCSP         AUS

If you’ve had a WebCenter in the past, enter the following code in Quick Order Entry:

6051RA           USA

C6051RA       CAN

UK6051RA     GBR

T6051RA         TWN

HK6051RA     HKG

SG6051RA     SGP

76051RA         AUS

To upgrade to WebCenter Pro status, enter the following code in Quick Order Entry:


** USA only. Eligibility for this program applies.


Be sure to take advantage of the FREE WebCenter special starting April 17th for a limited time! Email us with any questions:

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ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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