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Video Resources to Build Your UnFranchise Business: Products

When reviewing our top blog posts of 2013 a few weeks ago, I realized that you all love videos! Posts where we share new videos are some of our most-viewed! I felt that here, at the end of another successful year, would be a great time to share with you some video resources we made available in 2013 that you can use as tools to help your business grow in 2014 like never before! First up, new products

We launched Lumière de Vie at World Conference at the beginning of the year and in less than 12 months this line has 8 incredible products- plus sample packets you can order to share with potential customers, family, and friends!

Frusanté was launched at International Convention this year, along with our new Choice Energy and Choice Protein bars. If you are sharing these with customers, consider showing them the following videos:

Isotonix® was busy this year creating new formulas that arrived in the form of Isotonix Magnesium and Isotonix Immune. These two supplements are incredible additions to the Isotonix line.

In the spring, Motives Cosmetics announced Watercolors as the theme for Spring/Summer 2013 and the fall brought Modern Day Romance for Fall/Winter 2013. What do you think they’ll announce at World Conference next year?

One of our biggest product launches of the year was the arrival of the DNA Miracles™ & DNA Miracles Natural babycare line. If you have friends with little ones, make sure you’re sharing these incredible products with them, along with this special message from founders Amber Ridinger McLaughlin & Duane McLaughlin.

We hope these videos are great resources for you. Stay tuned for a post sharing business building videos next and make sure to follow the Market America YouTube Channel for our complete collection!

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Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer

Andrew Bonner, Lead Social Media Writer


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