Videos: Shopping Annuity Master Member (SAMM) Profiles Of Success

JR Ridinger always says, “One of the goals for every UnFranchise® Owner should be to achieve Shopping Annuity® Master Member (SAMM) status.”

To be a SAMM means that you understand and practice the Shopping Annuity and its principles on a daily basis. You understand how to convert spending into earning and commit to the Shopping Annuity as a lifestyle change. The SAMM is a permanent membership program to an elite group and those doing it automatically make more from the MPCP.

How does one become a SAMM? For starters, it all begins with the Shopping Annuity Assessment. This is a mandatory step on your journey to becoming a SAMM. Plus, the Assessment is where UFOs learn how get paid for their daily purchases with Market America Exclusive Brands an Partner Stores. In addition to the Assessment, there are various requirements regarding the amount of BV and Partner Store purchases one makes per month. For the specific numbers, simply log in to your UnFranchise Business Account > My Organization > Reports > Management and click “Shopping Annuity Master Member Program Report.”

Who better to learn about the SAMM program than from SAMMs themselves? These master members know what it takes to enter the program. Their advice, tips, and techniques can be vital in your quest to become a SAMM, which is why our multimedia team created the “SAMM Profiles of Success.” Watch these videos, learn from the SAMMs, and incorporate the lessons you gained into your business.

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Reese Seah

Kathy Bair

David and Stacy Whited

Colton and Mikayla White

Barbara Montgomery

Rui Ting Lin

Min Fan Chang

Michelle Lieu

Jessica Douangprachanh Chen

Chia Yin Wang

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