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What Is SXSW 2017! South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual set of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. It began in 1987, and has continued to grow in both scope and size every year. In 2011, the conference lasted for 10 days with SXSW Interactive lasting for 5 days, Music for 6 days, and Film running concurrently for 9 days.

CEO and Founder of Conquer, Amanda Ridinger, has prepared several panels, alongside a powerful list of speakers to spread the word about Conquer. Featured below are videos and snippets of what each panelists has prepared to talk about at SXSW 2017. Cast your vote today!

From Artist to Mogul: DIY Lifestyle Marketing
The music industry has experienced a major paradigm shift, moving away from the traditional and toward the self-managed artist. There is an increase in the “middle class artist,” with many DIY platforms leading the way. Both major artist “brands” and startups alike are taking on self-management, by identifying powerful new income streams. This panel will cover how artists at any level can support their brand themselves, assemble a team, and generate income. Lifestyle marketing allows artists to create an alternative revenue stream by sharing trends they love, products they use, and personal experiences, building the relationship from fans to customers

Speakers for this panel include:

Amanda Ridinger, Conquer Entertainment
Chris Gotti Lorenzo, AddVentures Music
Justina Valentine, Justina Valentine
Freekey Zekey, Dip Set


Connecting Your Internet Footprint Yields Results
The Internet is about connecting the dots. The key is once someone is attracted to what you have to offer you then keep them engaged as long as possible, with the goal of converting them into a customer and ultimately a sale. You accomplish this by linking them to as many of your sites as possible. “Connecting the Dots” is designed to help you utilize your social media and Internet channels to increase engagement, branding and traffic to your site. This will help you convert fans to customers and generate increased revenue.

Speakers for this panel include:

Tony Molinaro, Net2Malls Services
Michele Molinaro, Net2Malls Services
Peter Gold, Market America
Mark McKinney, Mark Mckinney Music

New Revenue Streams & Mobile Tech To Facilitate
There is much talk surrounding artists not making the needed money to build and sustain a career specifically from the Sale/Streaming of their music. The industry is evolving and the pay structure that artists have been used to dealing with is gone. It has become more about listeners having “access versus ownership” which means new revenue streams are critical in order for today’s artists to build a career, Lifestyle Merchandising is not new, but the tech to facilitate it quickly and easily from a mobile device is. Simply put, we attach products to artists and allow them to have an endorsement style relationship and generate income from the sale of these products. Via a Mobile App.

Speakers for this panel include:

Jorgen Bailey, Conquer Entertainment
Duane Propes, Little Texas/Ad infinitum, LLC
Tim Boehm,


How to Stand Out and Make Rock History
As the first woman to crash Warped Tour and create the Shiragirl Stage, because of the need for a bigger female presence on the tour, I can help artists- particularly females- understand how to break through the glass ceiling. I am able to advise on performance showmanship and improving your live stage show. I can also walk you through the do’s and dont’s of running a stage/tour, or pulling in sponsorships for events. We can discuss information about booking shows/tours as well as how to produce a show.


Shira Yevin, Artist, Conquer Entertainment

The future of Crowd Funding

In this session I will go into detail to describe how it is possible for fans to support their favorite artists via crowd funding without incurring any expenditures beyond what they would normally make. I will illustrate how a combination of strategic partnerships in affiliate marketing, technology, and “natural financial resources” can come together to seamlessly help artists reach their funding goals while creating virtually no financial impact on their contributors.


Kirk Aidoo, Conquer Entertainment


Go BRAND Yourself! Advice From the Pros
This mentor session aims to help artists seeking to create a fully branded package with their music and current career efforts. Topics covered include social media tips to grow an engaged fan base, using exclusivity to form a strong bond with your existing fan base, creating a street team to personally market your brand, understand the power of a musical brand through modern day examples, and other useful information to grow your creative brand.


April Benson, Conquer Entertainment
The Female Image in Music & Art: #BeYourOwnMuse
#BeYourOwnMuse is a meetup where women will discuss their concerns about their representation in entertainment. The goal is to collaboratively find solutions to this issue in order to empower, inspire and help manifest more diverse and accurate content for and about women. The entertainment industry is still very male-dominated, and it doesn’t reflect the true scope of the female experience. There is no doubt that women are visually present in entertainment, but our stories are limited and limiting. It’s time for the industry to make space for female voices, to enable us to be the subject rather than the object, and to be in full control of our own image.


Nina Fernandez, Conquer Entertainment
With all of these exciting panelists, why wouldn’t you want Conquer to be present at SXSW 2017. This further spreads the word on how the Shopping Annuity® can work for any lifestyle.





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