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WebCenter Pro Program: Q&A With Jason Pelland

The WebCenter Pro Program provides the ultimate online solution for your business.

The WebCenter Pro Program offers solopreneurs and small-medium sized firms a co-branded relationship to expand their current business offerings to include comprehensive website development and digital solutions that they can leverage to grow their business without increasing their overhead and current workload.

Designed for your individual success, the WebCenter Pro Program can support your career as a web designer, graphic designer, digital marketing expert, or a sales and marketing professional. The program provides the leverage to offer more services to your clients. Your clients will receive a more comprehensive online solution outside of just a website and digital marketing strategy. WebCenter Pro Program aims to give you both.

One of the leaders directly involved with WebCenter Pro Program is Field Development Executive Jason Pelland. Along with Director of Internet Sales & Training Sarah Rose Stack, Jason is an expert in online web solutions for MA WebCenters. To get a better understanding of the WebCenter Pro Program and its benefits for UnFranchise Owners, the Shopping Annuity Team conducted a Q&A with Jason, which you can read below.

Q&A With Jason Pelland

SA Team: Say I’m new to Market America. How would you describe the WebCenter Pro Program?

Jason Pelland: The WebCenter Pro Program allows industry professional in marketing, sales, advertising, or IT solutions to be able to leverage all of the tools and resources that MA WebCenters offers, while also providing VIP Support, Education & Training, and co-branded collateral to work in collaboration with their existing business.  

SA Team: What is the impact of the WebCenter Pro Program on UnFranchise Owners? Benefits?

The benefit to an UnFranchise organization is similar to that of a Health Professional office for nutraMetrix, a Salon/Spa for Motives, or a fitness facility for TLS. These WebCenter Pro Accounts have an existing client base already purchasing IT and web solutions, whereby this program allows a larger number of clients to have access and to purchase WebCenter products or ancillary digital marketing products or services pushing a large amount of retail sales and BV/IBV through an organization.  

Let’s say an average WebCenter Owner sells 6 websites per year. That would amount to 1200BV in initial sales volume, with a recurring 30BV per client per month, so 180BV/mo from this 1 WebCenter Owner. Now, let’s take a WebCenter Pro that may have dozens of clients, where they may sell 1-2 websites with design packages and other digital marketing products per month or even per week. This amounts to thousands of monthly BV potential flowing through the organization.

SA Team: If I want to use the WebCenter Pro Program, what are the beginning steps I should take to use the program? Are there any resources that I can use to get a better understanding of the program?

Jason Pelland: First is to have a basic understanding of the program.  The new WebCenter Pro Program flyer and video (above) provides a quick snapshot of the target market and benefit to industry professionals. For more detailed information UnFranchise Owners can visit, where they can view a presentation, register for a live overview webinar, get information on how to start, as well as have the WebCenter Pro candidates complete an online form for consideration.

SA Team: With MAWC2018 on the horizon, are there any plans or events that UFOs can look forward to with WebCenters?

Jason Pelland: We are so excited for MAWC2018 and to announce some enhancements to MA WebCenters. Throughout the event at the WebCenter Booth we will host technology demonstrations from what is a WebCenter, How does it work, showcase some new features and their benefit, as well as offer our WebCenter Special.  From the main stage we’ll discuss our online training available in 2018, which is already off to a great start with our WebCenter Sprint to Success 30-Day Fast Track.  We will also have a Breakout session that will provide more information to UnFranchise Owners looking for more information, or for current WebCenter Owners to have a look at where we are headed in 2018.

As it relates to the Shopping Annuity, just as in the previous blog, UnFranchise Owners must realize that businesses spend more money than a traditional household.  Therefore, the WebCenter Division puts UnFranchise Owners in touch with businesses that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars that could be converted into earning through the Shopping Annuity. This division also can bridge the gap with other MA Majors, as we work within the Business to Business Services arena.  In 2018, look for more crossover between various majors and the WebCenter division to truly maximize earning potential. 

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