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I wanted to share what Market America and maWebCenters have done for me and what it could do for you. Moral of this story is everything happens for a reason, NEVER stop making goals, and everything in life is ONLY temporary. This business has something for everyone. Find out what gives you the most joy and excitement and build with it. After all EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I’ve worked since I was 13 for other people. Been in sales since I was 17. I knew I was destined to be my own boss at an early age. I’ve set goals for myself for every 5-year mark and envisioned them. I’ve hit EVERY goal I’ve ever set. However, the minute I stopped making goals for myself is when my life got hard and took a negative turn.

I set a goal that at 25 I’d have my dream “job” in information technology and making $35,000 year. 2 days before my 25th bday I got offered a job working in first level tech support for a Fortune 500 company.✔️

By the time I was 30, I was going to make $45,000 a year. ✔️ (Then I got laid off from my dream job and went to work for a packaging company as a GM making $45,000. So I was still on target.)

The next goal was that someday I’ll own the packaging company. A year later, the owner wanted to retire and offered me the business and I bought the business. ✔️

By the time I was 35 I wanted to travel more and get in shape. At 35 I was in the best shape of my life and trained to be in a fitness competition. Visited Miami 3x, took my first cruise, and went to Mexico.✔️

My next goal was to give my dad his dream of owning his own restaurant. Within a year, I opened a cafe for him and my cousin. ✔️

However, somewhere along the line from 37-40 when I became a grandma, helping my teenage daughter who is now a mom herself, my goals no longer mattered and I stopped making goals for myself. My goal was to make sure my grandbaby had 2 parents who graduated high school and went on to further their education to be able to give her a good life. Which I’m very proud to say they did. 😊 My daughter is now a cosmetologist and owns her own custom makeup business with Motives.

But guess what??? By the time I was 40, I had no goals set for myself and I was just maintaining everything I had accomplished. I could no longer envision what I wanted in the future. My life literally felt like I was just going through the motions. The business I was just maintaining started declining, friendships were unraveling, and I had become negative and toxic to everyone around me, with no self-motivation and for the first time in my life, I felt lost. I lived like that for 2 years. Then I got an email from Jack Canfield the author of the Success Principals that he was coming to our area. I saw him in 2004 in Atlanta, GA. I studied the Success Principals and the Secret which led me to be an entrepreneur in 2006. I knew I had to get to his one-day seminar and it changed my life. For the first time in years, I could start to envision things again, I started to feel motivated, and found my purpose in life. I started applying all the principals again and made a vision board. But I was still feeling stuck as I knew I no longer wanted to do packaging and I wanted to empower the youth by helping them know their worth but had no idea how it would happen. I found myself at a crossroads.

Within 6 months of feeling at a crossroads, I stumbled upon Market America. I saw the vision JR had. Ryan and Sarah Stack gave me back the motivation I had lost. Ryan reminded me about goal setting and empowered me to envision again. It reminded me that I’m educated in business, accounting, federal acquisition law, abnormal psychology, fitness, sales, and technology and can apply them all to a Market America business as an Unfranchise owner.

Since I started in June 2017, I’ve educated myself on all areas that Market America has to offer. My packaging business was still declining, I lost my mom in October of 2017, and I just didn’t want to do anything anymore. However, that lead to financial hardship. Not knowing how we were going to pay the mortgage but I just couldn’t go through the motions anymore, something had to change. For me, it was MAIC18 that it all changed. Jason Pelland . Director of WebCenters, was hosting the “2018 Final Sprint to Success” challenge in September of 2018that’sts when I found my real purpose and passion with this amazing company. Remembering my dream “job” was in information technology, WebCenters gave that back to me.

Not only do I apply the 5 C’s (taught in WebCenter training) to my everyday life, it’s landed 13 website sales in 5 months! I am able to book appointments with decision makers, give them a product that will help increase their revenue and work one to one with them. MA WebCenters gave me back my drive, creativity, motivation, ability to look outside the box, and most importantly the opportunity to empower our youth through the internship program!

Giving young kids who know technology better than us a purpose and vision to be an entrepreneur with MA WebCenters! I’ve created a “traditional” consulting business which allows me to build a business and using the ABC pattern allows the option for others to either work for me or work with me. The choice will be 100% theirs. I’ve made the decision to close the packaging business and 100% concentrate on the consulting business and empowering our youth. I have goals again thanks to what this business stands for. By the time I am 45, I will be a Field Vice President with a team of entrepreneurs. My purpose in life is helping others and through MA and the WebCenter division, I am able to do that! I’m forever grateful. Thank you Ryan StackSarah Rose Stack and Jason Pelland for making it all possible!!!

Kristin Wampler, WebCenter Pro

ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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