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Oasis FAQs

Why do I need the Oasis Website Builder?

The Oasis Website Builder is a complete solution to create a website that works great on desktop, tablet and mobile. The site will provide your customers with an improved user experience, regardless of the device they’re using.

What is a responsive site?

A responsive site changes the way its content displays, depending on the size of the device on which it’s being viewed. Responsive sites tend to use media queries to ask the viewer’s device its size and type, and change content depending on the result they get. They also tend to use variable image sizes and proportion-based element widths to ensure their content is displayed well wherever they’re viewed. The user nor the creator needs to do anything in addition for this automated feature.

What are the advantages of a responsive site?

Responsive sites allow their creators to customize content for each device size and tailor the visitor’s experience based on the device they’re using. Google predominantly uses the mobile version of the content for indexing and ranking; therefore, a responsive site design may enhance search rankings.

Does Oasis use a responsive design?

Yes. Oasis uses responsive design techniques to present much of the same content differently based on the device used. It also allows the client to determine what content they should show on which devices and how that content should be displayed.

How is the Oasis Website Builder better than responsive design alone?

The Oasis Website Builder not only allows you to change the way your content displays on each device, it also sends as little data as necessary to each device. As a result, smaller devices don’t need to load (and then hide) content that you only want your visitors to see on a larger screen. It also allows the client to customize content not only based on the device it’s being viewed, but in some cases based on the date, geolocation, site visit or other variables of their choice!

Do I need to pick a device?

No. The Oasis Website Builder allows you to build one site that looks great on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. You can choose to hide content from certain devices, but your site will still work on multiple screen sizes.

Why is the Oasis Website Builder best for business?

There’s no need to mess around with code (unless you want to), no need to build separate sites for various devices. The Oasis Website Builder provides a responsive design, along with many other benefits:

  • Easy to use: The Oasis Website Builder lets you change almost every aspect of your site with an easy-to-use editor. Want to change some text? Simply click on it and start typing.
  • Edit your site on the go: The Oasis Website Builder is easy to use from your mobile device as well. Adding photos and videos from your mobile device directly to your site has never been easier.
  • Powerful options: The Oasis Website Builder includes a full set of features, from click-to-call buttons to restaurant menus to mobile maps. Just drag the features into your site wherever you prefer, and customize them.
  • Fast setup: Once you click Publish, your site is live.
  • Monthly fee includes hosting: Clients receive all the access to the maWebCenters® digital marketing tools and hosting is included.

Are sites only for small businesses?

No. The Oasis Website Builder was originally designed with small businesses in mind, but it’s flexible and powerful enough to accommodate your needs ­— whether you’re looking to build a site for yourself, your family, your club, your community or any other purpose you’d like!

How much does it cost?

You can view the Oasis Price List here. It’s also available on UnFranchise.com > Help & Training > Support Materials and searching “Oasis Price List.”

How does hosting work?

Your client’s Oasis site is hosted on an Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) hosting account, along with robust tools and features available through maWebCenters. Your hosting is included in the monthly fee. Sites built with the Oasis Website Builder must stay on Oasis and cannot be exported to a different hosting provider.

Are there bandwidth limits?

There is no limit to the bandwidth your client’s site can receive. They can embed music and video on the site (e.g., YouTube videos), or upload the following file types:


Oasis does not currently offer FTP access.

Can an existing site be migrated to Oasis?

At the moment, an existing site can only be recreated and built on the Oasis platform but cannot be migrated directly to our servers. For maWebCenters existing clients on the Legacy builder, please review the blog article that describes options here.

Can the Oasis Website Builder import an existing site?

While the Oasis Website Builder can pull content from most sites, there are some types of content that we can’t import.

Specifically, the Oasis Website Builder is unable to import content that:

  • is written in Flash, Java or similar external applets.
  • changes after the site’s pages are loaded (in particular, content gated through AJAX, JavaScript or jQuery).
  • has protection mechanisms that prevent automated systems from accessing it.

It still may be possible to add Flash elements to your desktop site, however, keep in mind those elements will not display on a tablet or mobile devices.

Does my client need to have an existing site?

No. While having an existing site allows the client to import content from it to fill out their Oasis Responsive Website, it is also perfectly capable of building a site from scratch without any references.

Where can content be pulled from? Do they need to have a desktop site?

No site? No problem. You can import your business information from your Facebook page or simply build a site from one of our predesigned templates found on https://www.mawebcenters.com/oasis_eng.html.

Can an Oasis site be exported and hosted elsewhere?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a way to remove a site from the Oasis platform and send it to your computer or to another service/host. This is pretty normal for platforms like Oasis because of the way our service works and the way our sites are designed.

You can always make changes to an Oasis site in the editor, and sites will always remain on the account for editing/publishing/referencing until it is deleted by the user. You can export the site content, but it will not work with other editing platforms.

What kind of templates does Oasis offer?

The responsive website builder offers beautiful templates with many modern styles, including parallax. Our templates are business-friendly and can be easily customized to fit your needs. You can also import all the content from your existing site right into your Oasis template! See the list of available templates here that you can share with your clients or prospective candidates.

Does Oasis support e-commerce?

Oasis has a robust e-commerce system built-in! While the responsive builder is not able to automatically import existing shopping carts as part of the content import, products can be imported via a CSV file. For e-commerce sites, there is an additional monthly charge. There are three tiers, and more information is available on the Oasis Price List.

How do I set up my domain?

If you already own a domain name, there are two steps to point your domain to your new site:

  1. Create a new CNAME record for ‘www’ (or any subdomain you choose)
  2. Create a domain redirect for users who forget to type the www

Please work with our Tech Support team for assistance specific to your domains and emails.

Do I need a domain name? Does maWebCenters sell domains?

maWebCenters can assist in pointing any of your currently owned domains to your site. Don’t have a domain name? No problem! maWebCenters sells domain names to website clients.

Can I add banners to my site?

Yes, you can add AdSense and other third-party ads using our HTML feature. You can also set up personalization rules that can add custom banners based on various triggers or variables.

Can you build a site for my client?

Yes, at maWebCenters, we offer various design packages. From a single page layout to a 10+ page e-commerce site, we can design a site for your client. Does the client want to manage site edits moving forward? No problem! Want us to manage the site edits? We can do that with our Managed Monthly Hosting option. To learn more about our various options, visit the Oasis Price List.

 Which browsers does Oasis support?

At this time, we only support the latest versions of any browser. We do not support past versions of browsers. The best browser for editing is Chrome.

Other supported browsers: IE (latest), Edge, Safari, Opera and Firefox

Which languages does Oasis support?

Oasis supports multi-language pages so you can display your site in other languages.

The languages offered within the website editor include:

Dutch Italian
English Turkish
English (UK) Portuguese
French Spanish (LATAM)
German Spanish (Splain)


Sites can be translated within the Site Settings. Here’s specific information related to languages:

Configure a Multi-Language Site

Reach a larger audience by translating your site into multiple languages. For each new language added, a duplicate version of the site is created to host the translation. You can translate sites manually or use the free Google Translate feature built-in to the editor. Using the Google Translate feature, make sure to review the entire translation before publishing.


After a site has been translated, all content added to any language version of the site will not sync to the other language versions. For this reason, we recommend adding multiple languages as a final step, once you have completed building your site.

Is there customer support?

Yes. Oasis has the same high-quality support you expect from maWebCenters. WebCenter Owners and Standard Hosting clients can contact WebCenter Support via phone. All clients can use Live Chat through their dashboard and email help@mawebcenters.com.

Contacting us is easy.

Please email us at help@mawebcenters.com.

USA/Canada: 866-WEB-HELP (866-932-4357)
Spain: 900-838-610
Taiwan: 02-2162-6349
Ireland: 1800-778-459
Singapore: +65-31587426
Hong Kong: 3071-5081
Australia: 1-800-649-581
United Kingdom: 0800-587-1132



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