WebVolume BINGO!

The WebCenter division is kicking off the WebVolume BINGO contest and training series! It will run from September 1stthrough October 31st. There are fun prizes and giveaways, so you won’t want to miss out!

This is ideal for new WebCenter Owners that just took advantage of the FREE WebCenter Set-up special for MAIC2019, but it’s great for any WebCenter Owner to put their  business into high gear.  At the conclusion of the last contest, The Level Up Challenge, contest winner, Carmen Ames sold 6 websites and 13 Digital Marketing products for an incredible retail profit over $5,000 with over 1,380BV, and she will have more than 200BV in recurring BV from these sales.  She said, “If it wasn’t for what I learned through the webinar training and implement into my business, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did!”

This will be a fun contest loaded with information to grow your WebCenter business and earn prizes at the same time.  You can register for the training and contest at www.mawc411.com

*Prizes will include:

  • For any 5 BINGO Spaces in a Row earn a free month of WebCenter hosting!
  • For every WebCenter Owner that completes the Four Corners, they will win $50USD in cash prizes.
  • For any WebCenter Owner that has a Coverall by completing all spaces, they will earn $1,000USD

*To download the official rules, CLICK HERE.

ma WebCenters

ma WebCenters

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