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IMG_5930 The weBVolume Contest  has proven to be highly successful boasting incredible results including:  helping WebCenter Owners to sell 575 websites (earning $652,000 in retail profit,132,000 BV for the initial sales and over 17,000 BV per month), and personally sponsor 496 new UFOs and much more.
Sue Gilad, a repeat winner of the WebVolume Contest,  came out to our NYC offices at Chelsea Piers with a team of 14 leaders in her organization for a special coring.  In addition to winning Apple products, tickets to major conferences and other perks, one of her prizes was a coring conducted by Sarah Rose Stack. Requested topics were “How to get more UnFranchise Owners to Major Events” and “How to Duplicate the Shopping Annuity in your team”.    Take a look at the recap and big takeaways from Sue’s coring!
IMG_5929How to get more UnFranchise Owners to Major Events
The session started with Sarah Rose sharing her experience with challenges she and Ryan faced the first time they were asked to attend a major event, how those challenges were overcome and why it was so critical for their success that they did attend.  From there, it was all about conversation within the group.  Questions were asked and ideas and solutions were discussed.  One of the biggest questions from the group around this topic was  “When you are working with new UFOs, especially traditional business owners or health professionals,  how do you motivate them to go to the event”?
A few ideas that were suggested were:

  • Focus on their people.  If someone says they cannot go,  help their new people and prospects attend instead.  First, it get their team the training they need.  Second, when a new UFO has a business partner who is attending a major event, they become more motivated to attend themselves.
  • Speak in a language that makes sense to the new UFO.  Most people understand the concept of  ‘Professional development”.  In any career, professional development plays an important role in keeping you current and relevant in your field.  Our professional development happens at the events.
  • Have all of your leaders call every business partner in your organization and ask them “How are you getting to the convention?”.  Larry Rogowsky added that he also asks the question “Where are you staying during the convention?”.    Sue Gilad then added that she likes to start the calling with the newest business partners first so that by the time she works her way up, there is good news to report about new business partners attending the event.  Wow – excellent advise and no wonder we see her winning contests and challenges so often!

IMG_5940How to Duplicate the Shopping Annuity
One of the interesting things about maWebCenters is that it pairs nicely with folks who major in nutraMetrix!  Why?  Health professionals all run businesses or work for them – so there is a lot of cross over from learning to work well with business owners, challenges that  owners face and even opportunities to do business in both divisions.   The biggest question that came up was “How can you convince health professionals that the Shopping Annuity Bonus Program is worth their time?”.  This is a common question that comes from business owners, health professionals and UFOs alike so we all jumped in and discussed some strategies that could be helpful.

  •  Math!  If your team is educated on to get the highest return on spending (ie: BV products first, IBV Direct and then partner stores), then it is more evident and clear to a new person how one could be earning additional income fairly quickly.
  • Start with office overhead!   What do they buy anyway to run their practice/ business?
  • Focus on the savings first! Why would you want to spend more by going to a store and miss a chance to find the exact same product for less money on your website?  Plus, you earn cashback.  If you can get them focused on changing their own habits first, then that will trickle down the organization.  After all, people do what you do, not what you say.
  • Jennifer Trepeck added a clever strategy that she was using to help people remember to replace products.  She goes through the space  or home and puts the stickers on consumable products that will eventually have to be replaced.  On the sticker, she writes down the name of the BV product to replace it with or the partner store to go to when its time to reorder.  This way, when the product runs out you remember what to do so that you can fund your shopping annuity!  Awesome idea Jenn!

All in all, it was an awesome question-driven conversation among leaders in the Big Apple.  Lots of ideas were shared by many which made the session incredibly valuable.  Congratulations to Sue Gilad and team and we look forward to your continued success!  If you want to join the current weBVolume Contest, it’s not too late.  Go to www.mawc411.com and register to be assigned to a local team near you!

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