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This Week On MeetON: 7/9 – 7/15

Welcome back to another edition of This Week On MeetOn: 7/9 – 7/15.

As of now, there are two MeetONs scheduled for this week. On Monday, Ryan Stack returns to MeetON with The Road to MAIC2017. Ryan is going to give you the perfect kickstart your business needs before International Convention. On Wednesday, Tracey Nguyen is hosting a session about branding through social media. Tracey is a social media guru so her tips can help you build a stronger brand.

Enjoy the week.


For those looking to ramp up their UnFranchise building efforts – THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.

For 4 weeks we’re going to join together as one team here on MeetON and build using the best techniques today to help you hit a new level and explode into MAIC2017!

This 4 week session will cover all aspects of building your business including:

– Mastering the Basic 5 – Fundamentals with modern tools and techniques

– Mastering simple Social Media techniques that will deliver huge results

– Retailing & building base 10

– Leading the Shopping Annuity and understanding the power this brings to the MPCP

– Leveraging tech or growing teams at a distance

– Power of 10!

Can’t wait to all come together and march toward the 25th anniversary of Market America MAIC2017! If you need accountability – if you need coaching and training – if you’re partners need it – this is one you don’t want to miss – register and I’ll see you on!


Training 1: July 10th 8pm ET

Training 2: July 17th 8pm ET

Training 3: July 24th 8pm ET

Training 4: July 31 8pm ET


Who: Tracey Bguyen

When: 7/12/2017

Time: 9 PM EST

Week 1: Let’s Talk Social Media as UFOs. Why social media?

1. What is social media?

2. Why is social media so important to every single business owner?

3. How Loren Ridinger has changed my life, my business and my UFO journey with her social media speech at MAWC2013?

4. How social media has helped me build my Unfranchise Business.




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