Welcome New Pieces to The Layered Family

Just announced at the Market America World Conference – our Layered line is growing! We all have layers, now we have even more ways to uncover yours. Join us in our growing jewelry family and let’s get layered!

As promised, we have even more pieces and styles to grow your jewelry business. This is the perfect time to add to your jewelry collection and encourage your customers to get layered in new ways!

New Layered Styles

  • Zoe – Tapered baguette pave ring (white or yellow with clear or green gemstone)
  • Angie – Eternity band (white or yellow)
  • Desi – Pierced round cut bracelet (white or yellow)
  • Vanessa – Pierced round cut huggie (white or yellow)
  • Lala – Pierced round cut necklace (white or yellow)
  • Heidi – Pave stick necklace (white or yellow)
  • Bella – Dainty baguette ring (white or yellow)
  • Nicole – Double solitaire ring (white or yellow)
  • Alexis – Halo earring studs (white)
  • Sophie – Pave CZ hoops (white or yellow)
  • Brandi – Cross huggie earrings (white or yellow)
  • Nikki – Modern baguette ring (white or yellow)
  • Celia – Baguette ring with sparkle (white or yellow with clear or green gemstone)
  • Naomi – Sleek trillion ring (white or yellow)
  • Lana – Stylish V-shaped ring (white or yellow)
  • Victoria – Floating emerald cut bracelet (white or yellow)
  • Sabrina – Floating oval cut bracelet (white or yellow)
  • Brook – Baguette round bar bracelet (white or yellow)
  • Kelly – Bezel bracelet (white or yellow)
  • Claire – Pave stick studs (white or yellow)
  • Hilary – Raindrop bezel earring jackets (white or yellow)
  • Brook – Baguette round bar necklace (white or yellow)

Want more information? Head over to our Virtual booth to learn more, view the new pieces, and live chat with our Layered booth managers!


Send your Preferred Customer to getlayered.com because:

  • First impressions count! The quality user experience getlayered.com now provides will create new brand loyal customers and keep your existing clients coming back for each new launch.
  • Quality over everything. Our CARE section on the website lets you know what our jewelry is made of.  In an industry where cutting corners to cut prices is common, we pride ourselves in being transparent.
  • Host a trunk show! You AND your customers can host a virtual trunk show, opening up even more doors for business success!
  • Financial Opportunity. The Business Volume each layered piece provides is exceptional, allowing you to build your own luxurious lifestyle!
  • Navigation is key. With category pages you can find each product with ease. Creating the ideal consumer experience.

April Laughlin

April Laughlin


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